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Girl At The Bank

I was walking out of the bank, I looked up and saw a very cute girl. Themed pink, cute from head down.. take a pause at knee level.

The whole of her right lower leg was shortened and bent – somewhat twisted. I went, “oow..” I was almost screaming “why, such a beautiful girl..” as I walked past.

Then I continued, “well, she didn’t decide to be like that, whatever happened. She’s still cute. The bad leg can’t take that away.”

Partly, the fragrance she exuded came from my perception of what she saw herself as. I don’t read minds and I can’t be 100% certain about this. My opinion:

Though she supported herself with crutches, she “bounced” with swagger.

Though she had that disability, she did not look down on herself. She must have taken out time to dress up and do her make-up. It was beautifully done.

Overall, she saw her beauty for what it was and proudly put it on display.

I’ve never met her and I may never meet her. But then, she made a lasting impression.

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Cheap Magic

I got to gma’s house this afternoon. I needed to see her to pack some consignments. I didn’t meet her. My grandpa was also not at home. They had both gone out. Funny enough, they had gone where I was just arriving from – the UITH.

Deborah and Esther were in the living room watching TV. Somewhat disappointed, I went straight to my room, took my shoes off, and got on my bed. Nothing made sense. All I wanted was just to see my g-folks. So, when Esther came around with her little chats, I was the opposite of veeeery interested. I was dozing off as she kept trying to start a conversation. She asked one funny question after another, and I lazily mumbled answers.

But soon, things took an interesting turn. She asked, “why do you always have that Bluetooth headset on?” I can’t remember what answer I gave. She asked again, “how do songs play on it, do the songs come with it when you buy it, or do you put songs on it after you buy it? How come it can play on it’s own?” – A barrage.


What kinda questions? Mama, the songs are playing from my phone.. – I didn’t say that aloud. What I said aloud was “you put the songs there yourself.” She looked puzzled. “How?” to which I replied, “you just call the song name and ask it to jump into the headset. That’s all.” I observed her facial expression. She looked like she believed it. Only my chuckle gave me away. She laughed and said it’s a lie. A lie? OK.I took it up and decided to make her believe. I was going to erase every iota of doubt left in her mind.

“That thing listens to me” I continued. “When I talk to it, it hears.” She kept looking unsure. “When I tell it to sing it does, like this..” I pushed Play on my phone as I said aloud “SING!” Of course the headset started “singing”. She was surprised. Then I said “STOP SINGING!” as I pressed stop on the phone. Of course she couldn’t see that I was manipulating stuff. My hand and the phone were both secured under the shelter of a pillow. “See?” I asked. I saw she was sinking it. So, I cemented the brainwash, “I can also tell it to sing the next song if I want.” I ordered, “SING!” then “I’m tired of this track jor, Oya.. NEXT TRAAAACK!” My headset obeyed dutifully. She was spellbound. Then, “Headset, now you’re disturbing me, I need to sleep. STOP!” Headset hushed up. She sank it raw.

She then went on to ask more funny questions about computers – a completely unfamiliar terrain to her. How I put all the songs and movies on it there? etc.. Of course, I loaded her with more crap.

As far as technology goes, she’s a blank sheet. It availed me the raw fun of toying with her mind.

That’s what you get when you’re ignorant. YOU WILL BELIEVE ALL THE STUFF YOU SHOULDN’T BELIEVE – in a different sense from Believing the Unbelievable – Faith.

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You’re walking into the reception, and there’s water all over the floor..

There’s water dripping from the ceiling.. A drop lands on your head. You’re like “eeeww..” You later discover the dripping water’s coming from a toilet upstairs.. a dirty toilet. Then, you’re like “eeeeeeeww, eeww eww yuck yuck..”

You check into your room, then you get on the bed. Then you look to the side of the bed by the wall. It’s dark. You shine a torch, and you see what? Two condom satchets.. BE AFRAID.

You see something on the wall like a CCTV camera. Your friend asks, “is that a camera?” I answer, “only in your dreams would that be a camera.”

There’s a knock on the door. My friend says, “housekeeping?”
“Housekeeping my foot!”

I needed to plug my laptop and do some work. I looked around, behind the table, the bed, everywhere. I couldn’t find a single sane mains outlet. International hotel tinz.

When you are in the bathroom, you touch the wall and you get a shock. Live current, with water everywhere.. Should you not be scared?

Only around here do you see such “International” hotels. At least in it’s name, there’s the word “International”.

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