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Disaster at George Square

This morning I saw police had cordoned off most of the area. BBC vans and police cars were on this side of the road. A reporter was on camera doing his thing. I wondered what was happening. I saw all that this morning.

Passing by the area this evening, the Christmas lights at the square were all turned off. The square wasn’t packed with revellers. Still, I couldn’t make any sense of it. Later I got to know an accident happened yesterday. A truck veered off the road and took six lives.

Six lives. Complete with their dreams and aspirations, they died. Plans for Christmas and the new year? Gone. That’s one more thing about death. Nobody knows when the time will come to go.

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Make do – a reflection in retrospect.

Two weeks ago today was a poster presentation I was so nervous about. There were going to be three assessors. Dr. B handled the lecturing of that aspect of the module and he had told us beforehand how some of us would be “unfortunate” to have him assess their presentation. There and then I decided he would not be one of my assessors (like I could decide who my assessor would be). I knew I had on control over who would assess me, but I resolved Dr. B wouldn’t be one of them. But you never know, so I made sure I knew my stuff in and out, just in case. Anyways, whoever I would be presenting to, I still had to know my stuff well.

Two of my friends were already at the venue for the presentation when I arrived. In a few minutes all three assessors were around. Soon they would be selecting random posters for presentations. My poster was on the wall, and I reminded myself that Dr. B was never going to come to me. I sat facing the wall. Everything was calm, then Dr. B happened. Since everyone would be assessed by two out of three of the assessors, I actually had always known my chances of evading Dr. B were slim. Now, he’s with me – no call-a-friend. One on one. It was in a sense funny and I laughed a bit.imageHe engaged me for like 5, 7 minutes thereabout and that was all. Then I wondered why I was ever sentimental about presenting to Dr. B to start with. Immediately I loved Dr. B for five minutes. He was probably the best I could present to. Even though it was somewhere on the backside of my mind, I had not thought well enough about the possibility of an excellent presentation with Dr. B. I have not gotten any feedback yet, but I feel certain the presentation was excellent. Sometimes, sentiments just toy with our psychology. In that moment when I was alone with my assessor, I made do with all the resources in that microenvironment. I quickly reminded myself Dr. B was my friend. I had met him a few times when I had issues about his modules. He had nicely paid attention and helped. Now he was here standing in front of me. I reminded myself that he wasn’t looking to destroy. It worked.

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So ironical..

Sometimes you need sleep so badly and it wouldn’t come.
Then you’re at an important function and the sleep wouldn’t leave you.

I’ve been in this situation a number of times. At such times you desperately want your senses as sharp as they can be but it just doesn’t happen. Once in a class, I dozed off and on, off and on. I thought it was just me until the professor mentioned that everyone looked so languid. It seemed something hung in the air that made everybody sleepy. As soon as it was time for break, my alertness returned. Class resumed, alertness fled.


This is so funny and so not funny at the same time. You need money to execute an urgent project, but the money is just not there. You have all projects done, then you have excess money in your bank. What’s the use of that?

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Back in the studio – altered game plan

It was nice being back in a pro studio after a long time. This was yesterday. Hidden somewhere in Govan is this cool multimedia facility. No signboards, nothing. The building’s facade was just regular – like just another block of flats. Getting within those walls presented another world entirely.

Environments inspire you. My friends and I checked in. It was going to be a session worth a whole day. After a tour of the facility, we got into one of the studios and laid out the plan. Work began.


But like I hinted, inspiration flows from quarters that you don’t expect sometimes. I got on the synthesizer to lay a bass sequence. The notes caused sparks in my friend’s creativity center. Straightaway, the plans turned around.

After several hours of hard work, we had come up with music that wasn’t anything close to what the initial plan was. And were we satisfied? Sure.

I got back home tired, but fulfilled. Plans do not necessarily have to be rigid. Good things happen when ideas from great minds are mixed with yours. Collaboration – with the right people.


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“Selfie arrrt ze parrrtay” – the new cool

Selfie at the party.

It’s interesting how trends spread and establish quickly. Sometimes it’s a dance step. At other times it’s a pop song.. or a phrase. The fact that you keep up with trends could fool you into defining yourself as cool – simply because you’re part of the trend. There was a time when it was trendy to reply just about any Facebook post with I know right or IKR for short. Yea yea, you know that sounds funny. I think a conversation in a movie birthed that IKR trend. Once if you didn’t have a blackberry, you were considered to be from pre-history. Trends are usually restricted to particular geographic areas. But every once in a while a trend comes up that is truly global. One such is the selfie trend.

Now dust your brains for some Maths.
My advanced mathematical theory of trends: If we plotted a graph for trend advancement against time, it would have the shape of the first half of a single cycle of a sinusoidal wave. ie, the trend rises from 0 to a peak, then drops down back to 0. That’s just the nature of trends.

I think it takes just a confident person and publicity to get a trend going. If these two factors are balanced right, a trend MAY form.
As earlier mentioned, one trend that has caught up with most youngsters in recent times (no references here) is the selfie trend. It is the social photo-taking standard today. I think it is a cool thing [yaaaaaawwn]..

All I have been trying to say in the above paragraphs is this: I took a number of selfies at yesterday’s party.


See? I can get away with not citing references. This is not exactly an academic write-up. There are subtle exaggerations in this post.

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I feel like I am on holidays..
But am I? No. But it feels so.

It’s the end of term party, yea. But exams lie ahead, and it’s the real deal – what will determine the worth of all of the past several weeks.

The party is on full-swing and I’m quickly reminding myself that the holiday still lies ahead. It has not begun yet.


Students had a swell time munching cakes and taking photos… then said nice goodbyes… then bounced.

I’m quite impressed that staff waited behind and did all the cleaning up. Happily and selflessly.

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Pre-presentation blog post.

First of, I’m hyper from cycling. Cycling happens every morning for me, and it’s always at the least, fairly intense.

I have a poster presentation in a few minutes, and my heart is still racing – cycling-induced. Well, there’s the adrenaline induced by the thought of my presentation too anyways but I think that’s minimal. Writing this post is perhaps a way to let off some tension.

Ok. Dr B is in.

Now my poster is up on the wall.

Where is Frances? 😀

I’m a lot calmer now. I’m looking at my friends setting up their posters on the wall, and I start getting nervous. Then I remind myself, “it’s what it is – (just) a poster presentation.” Ok, maybe not “just”.

All the best to all my friends presenting posters today.

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