20 Mar

In secular contexts, the word has found regular usage.

I’m reading Hebrews 11 and the first verse tells of faith as being sure of  what we hope for and being certain of what we believe. in other words, what you want is not there yet, but you know it will come.

Can it then be likened to wishful thinking? plainly, could we say someone who has faith simply wishes. I would  think not. there is a “certainty” aspect to faith which could defy logic – human logic. Radical faith most times, if not all the time, defies common sense. it could make you look stupid, until your results arrive.

People who excersice such crazy faith seem out of their sense. They have motivations based on elements real only to them. and even though every one around them thinks them nuts, they know what they know and are sure.

For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God

See? That doesn’t  even make sense even to most people reading this, but that’s what faith is. It mostly defies common sense. For instance where is the sense in believing you will conceive and have a child when you’re past menopause?

To people who have integrated themselves into the faith domain, there’s no turning back. They get results.

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