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Between the devil and the deep blue sea

It’s about Nigeria’s next year elections.

Buhari. Atiku. These two, mmhh. These two fall in a category that houses the many recycled politicians that run Nigeria’s politics. They’ve been around for at least a while and like most of the other politicians in their category, neither their persons nor their policies have proven to be what Nigeria needs.


Four years ago, Buhari made many campaign promises one of which was, he would make the Naira as valuable as 1 Naira to 1 US Dollar. 4 years after, the Naira has lost almost half it’s value. He promised to tackle corruption. We cant say he has made any meaningful progress in that direction. Boko Haram was declared “technically defeated” at some point in Buhari’s current tenure. There’s no evidence to suggest Boko Haram has waned in vigour. Chibok girls, epileptic power supply, bad roads, terrible infrastructure, Labour Union strikes, etc etc. Buhari certainly hasn’t made Nigeria any better.

Bearing all the above in mind, I’m nothing less than perplexed at the idea that Buhari is running for a second term against 2019. If Buhari could boldly offer to help Ghana tackle corruption knowing very well that the country he presides over is corruption’s Capital Centrale, it helps me understand the delusion behind his drive to run. What’s more interesting is that he well might win. Why? This is Nigeria. Atiku’s track record isn’t that great either. Buhari and Atiku are the major competitors for the presidential seat because their parties are the biggest and most powerful. They are the biggest because they have the most resources. They have the most influence. Both parties have held power in Nigeria for the last few decades and neither has made Nigeria any better. Can we then hope for a better Nigeria if we still let Nigeria be run by any of these two political parties?

Shall we not try out other candidates and see what they have to offer? Fela Durotoye, Sowore, etc.?

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Imposed niceness

The people of Glasgow have a tradition of opening the door and holding it open for anyone else who might be coming behind. This is a courteous thing of anyone to do. Very simple gesture it is, but, be a recipient of the gesture and then decide if it makes you feel special or not. This tradition practically achieves one thing: Showing love and kindness to other people, and you’d agree that makes our world a better place.

Soon after I first observed this, I found myself opening the door, and upon seeing other people coming behind me, smiled at them and held the door open. Whether or not they had asked for the niceness, I made sure I gave it to them. Intention is what really matters right? Right. Sometimes the niceness recipient was several steps away. To accept my niceness and be ‘considerate’, they would double up to get in the door in time. It made me smile inside of me. Did they really need me asking them to run up – that’s what I just did. I’ve been on the receiving end myself and I have had to jog up a number of times. For me, myself and I, there was no advantage I gained having someone hold the door open and smile at me. It only made me stress no matter how small.

So you see both sides of the equation and wonder if it is necessary to keep this niceness on. If I remember well, I did this niceness imposition on an elderly woman this morning. I made her jog when she may not have required it. But, regardless, I maintain that intention is what matters more. It makes the earth cosier to live in. If you’re in the habit of showing niceness this way and other ways, keep doing it.

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In secular contexts, the word has found regular usage.

I’m reading Hebrews 11 and the first verse tells of faith as being sure of  what we hope for and being certain of what we believe. in other words, what you want is not there yet, but you know it will come.

Can it then be likened to wishful thinking? plainly, could we say someone who has faith simply wishes. I would  think not. there is a “certainty” aspect to faith which could defy logic – human logic. Radical faith most times, if not all the time, defies common sense. it could make you look stupid, until your results arrive.

People who excersice such crazy faith seem out of their sense. They have motivations based on elements real only to them. and even though every one around them thinks them nuts, they know what they know and are sure.

For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God

See? That doesn’t  even make sense even to most people reading this, but that’s what faith is. It mostly defies common sense. For instance where is the sense in believing you will conceive and have a child when you’re past menopause?

To people who have integrated themselves into the faith domain, there’s no turning back. They get results.

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“The greatest stories are never told”

#np The greatest stories are never told.IMG_7204

That’s the title of a song I love so much.. Bobby McFerrin et. al. It’s perhaps true in some contexts. Listening to all of the song, I understand a bit why they feel sure about that statement. But, are the greatest stories really never told?

I’ve chosen to take that title literally and analyse it as such. If taken literally, it might just be a lie. But again, it might be true depending on what the greatest stories are from – your viewpoint.

See, that song came in with some African thing. I don’t even know what the guy was saying. Then came some English.

In different countries across the globe
the greatest stories are never told
it goes just around and round again

The greatest stories are never told
it goes just around and round again

That’s the opening lines. Being reasonable, I know they make sense. I’ve chosen to differ just to drive a point – a very important one. I consider the greatest story to be the story of God’s love. The love he had so much of for us that made Him reach out to man in his fallen state and offer man salvation. That’s the greatest story ever told. It has been told time and time again in different countries across the globe. It’s still being told today, and it will keep being told for a long time to come. See the context in which that song title is wrong? Yea, easy.

The greatest stories are always told. They are just not always accepted. Smile

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Disaster at George Square

This morning I saw police had cordoned off most of the area. BBC vans and police cars were on this side of the road. A reporter was on camera doing his thing. I wondered what was happening. I saw all that this morning.

Passing by the area this evening, the Christmas lights at the square were all turned off. The square wasn’t packed with revellers. Still, I couldn’t make any sense of it. Later I got to know an accident happened yesterday. A truck veered off the road and took six lives.

Six lives. Complete with their dreams and aspirations, they died. Plans for Christmas and the new year? Gone. That’s one more thing about death. Nobody knows when the time will come to go.

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Make do – a reflection in retrospect.

Two weeks ago today was a poster presentation I was so nervous about. There were going to be three assessors. Dr. B handled the lecturing of that aspect of the module and he had told us beforehand how some of us would be “unfortunate” to have him assess their presentation. There and then I decided he would not be one of my assessors (like I could decide who my assessor would be). I knew I had on control over who would assess me, but I resolved Dr. B wouldn’t be one of them. But you never know, so I made sure I knew my stuff in and out, just in case. Anyways, whoever I would be presenting to, I still had to know my stuff well.

Two of my friends were already at the venue for the presentation when I arrived. In a few minutes all three assessors were around. Soon they would be selecting random posters for presentations. My poster was on the wall, and I reminded myself that Dr. B was never going to come to me. I sat facing the wall. Everything was calm, then Dr. B happened. Since everyone would be assessed by two out of three of the assessors, I actually had always known my chances of evading Dr. B were slim. Now, he’s with me – no call-a-friend. One on one. It was in a sense funny and I laughed a bit.imageHe engaged me for like 5, 7 minutes thereabout and that was all. Then I wondered why I was ever sentimental about presenting to Dr. B to start with. Immediately I loved Dr. B for five minutes. He was probably the best I could present to. Even though it was somewhere on the backside of my mind, I had not thought well enough about the possibility of an excellent presentation with Dr. B. I have not gotten any feedback yet, but I feel certain the presentation was excellent. Sometimes, sentiments just toy with our psychology. In that moment when I was alone with my assessor, I made do with all the resources in that microenvironment. I quickly reminded myself Dr. B was my friend. I had met him a few times when I had issues about his modules. He had nicely paid attention and helped. Now he was here standing in front of me. I reminded myself that he wasn’t looking to destroy. It worked.

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So ironical..

Sometimes you need sleep so badly and it wouldn’t come.
Then you’re at an important function and the sleep wouldn’t leave you.

I’ve been in this situation a number of times. At such times you desperately want your senses as sharp as they can be but it just doesn’t happen. Once in a class, I dozed off and on, off and on. I thought it was just me until the professor mentioned that everyone looked so languid. It seemed something hung in the air that made everybody sleepy. As soon as it was time for break, my alertness returned. Class resumed, alertness fled.


This is so funny and so not funny at the same time. You need money to execute an urgent project, but the money is just not there. You have all projects done, then you have excess money in your bank. What’s the use of that?

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