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Get it right.

The world has evolved over a long period to this point in time where abnormal things have become normal and normal things have become abnormal.
You’re cool when:
– you mention that you ‘had this hangover from last night’s party”.
– mention anywhere in your speech about your ex..
– you know how to “play the game” and get chics into your bed.
– attend all the parties at the most exclusive clubs.
– you can have more than a bottle and not get “stoned.”
– church and religion aint your thing and you detest “all those hypocrites.”

The examples are numerous..
In today’s world, many christians have lost their identity completely while many more are shifting footing. We (christians) are not proud to show the world who we are and what we (should) stand for. You feel awkward:
– to share the gospel of salvation with friends.. I mean, it aint cool.
– .. And ashamed to say you’re still a virgin. (still a what?! In today’s world?)
– that you don’t even know what alcohol tastes like. (ahah.. He tha preacher’s kid.)
– to be firm and let people know you can’t cheat in exams. (haba, na you be Jesus father?)
– to say no when you’re invited to godless parties (what would they think of me if I don’t go?)

Again, the examples are numerous.
These point to the fact that good has become “bad” and bad has become “good”.
The media has not helped matters. In fact it has contributed immensely to the moral decadence in the society. Stars glorify the use of alcohol and drugs. The divas wear skimpy costumes and young girls copy them. Cheating on your spouse is the theme of many hit songs.. Blah blah.
We need to encourage ourselves to get back where we belong.
Virgins should be proud to be virgins. Fact is, we are the real ‘big boys and girls’.
Boozing should be looked down on for what it is. It aint a virtue one bit.
Relationships are not what they should be. If you aint “doing” girls, be proud of it. You are on the right track.
The list goes on.
Let’s promote a lifestyle of virtues.
Let’s make good “good” once again and see bad as actually “bad.”

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