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“The greatest stories are never told”

#np The greatest stories are never told.IMG_7204

That’s the title of a song I love so much.. Bobby McFerrin et. al. It’s perhaps true in some contexts. Listening to all of the song, I understand a bit why they feel sure about that statement. But, are the greatest stories really never told?

I’ve chosen to take that title literally and analyse it as such. If taken literally, it might just be a lie. But again, it might be true depending on what the greatest stories are from – your viewpoint.

See, that song came in with some African thing. I don’t even know what the guy was saying. Then came some English.

In different countries across the globe
the greatest stories are never told
it goes just around and round again

The greatest stories are never told
it goes just around and round again

That’s the opening lines. Being reasonable, I know they make sense. I’ve chosen to differ just to drive a point – a very important one. I consider the greatest story to be the story of God’s love. The love he had so much of for us that made Him reach out to man in his fallen state and offer man salvation. That’s the greatest story ever told. It has been told time and time again in different countries across the globe. It’s still being told today, and it will keep being told for a long time to come. See the context in which that song title is wrong? Yea, easy.

The greatest stories are always told. They are just not always accepted. Smile

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