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Who then is insane?

Imagine that there was a country of one million people.

900,000 are insane people
100,000 are sane, at least by how we judge sanity and insanity.

By the 100K’s view, there are 900k mad people in the country.. “Sad, ninety percent of the country’s population is sick in the head”.

By the 900k’s view, there are 100k mad people in the country. Since it makes sense to think the insane percentage of any population should be, compared with the sane, low, their view’s just perfect.

Who, then, is insane?!
This is a picture of our world.

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Can you be late to your own wedding?

It’s all about this sickness called African Time.

A wedding was announced to start at 10am. 10am, the bride’s nowhere to be found.
10:10am, the pastor is on the pulpit.. Still, Miss Bride’s still chilling at wherever.

Fine, I know this is a universal bug as far as Africa, particularly Nigeria, is concerned. But it explains a few things.

It explains why we’re still so underdeveloped.
It explains what value we place on people and time.
It explains that we are actually not prepared for the event in question.
It explains deceit (albeit non-overt).

It explains a lot more..


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