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Why Must We Kill Ourselves?

This is not about wars and human-to-human violence.

It’s a non-violent way we’ve found to kill ourselves, steadily and without stress.

I was in a public transport bus today. Three-quarter-ways into the journey, some burnt stuff started smelling.. The driver stopped and checked round. I had thought his radiator needed some water. He thought not. I guess the problem was a familiar one to him.

We moved on and soon the driver hinted his brakes had taken a break. I plainly wanted to be sure, so I asked, “You mean your brakes are not working?” He gave me an unruffled “yes.”

Pray, how does a driver get a vehicle with no brakes on the road? Scary enough, I was in the front seat.

Very simple. We know our actions, inactions, attitude to people and safety are generally lax and dangerous. If anything went wrong and an accident happened, would we blame blood-sucking demons and witches?

Dude’s probably used to driving his bus around with all kinds of problems with it unattended to. He is his own (and his passengers’) danger.

I hear some of them feel they could afford to drive recklessly because they’ve “insured” themselves with all kinds of charms.

Even though I’m certain about my own safety – goes beyond the physical – I shouldn’t be lax in attitude and put my life in avoidable danger.

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Our evil tendencies.. (2)

Have you noticed?

Have you noticed how we tend to talk (or chat) dirty when with someone of the opposite sex you consider (albeit temporarily) attractive?

You could easily spew out statements you’ll come to wish you didn’t say, later.

Once the deed is done, it’s done. It usually can’t be reversed.

Don’t let your hormones give you away. Before you hit the SEND button, you may wanna review the content of your message to be sure it doesn’t contain anything you’ll later wish you didn’t say.

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Our evil tendencies..

Had a really long day out today. Got back home about thirty minutes ago.
I was getting out of the car when I heard a little girl crying along the dirt road in front of my house. Instinctively I looked in her direction. Since it was dark, I couldn’t see her well. But I could make out another figure walking closely beside her – another little girl, slightly taller than the first. “Sisters”, I thought.

As they walked along, the bigger sister was intermittently spanking her younger sister, apparently for no reason.

“Kai!” I shouted at her as I walked towards them both. They both stopped. I flashed a torch on the tormentor, “What has your sister done? Why are you making her cry?” to which she responded with a mischievous smile. She then chuckled softly. Then I saw she was making her sister cry just for the raw fun of it. E V I L ! ! ! She couldn’t even be up to ten years old.

I made her apologise to her younger sister. She did – in a way that made me feel the bashing was still going to continue.. when, of course I wouldn’t be there.

As I walked back towards my house, I remembered a conversation I had with two of my friends some hours back about how we humans are naturally inclined towards evil.

We need God to save us from our selves.

Sweet dreams fellas.


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Are they naturally disadvantaged by that?

By what? By their sex
Who are they? Females.

Is it then a disadvantage? I don’t think so. Some people think it is..

There are a lot of people who feel they shouldn’t be the sex they are – in many different senses:

Some feel the opposite sex is more privileged judging by certain parameters.

A different and more advanced sense to it is that there are also people who actually believe they are a different sex than what their physical body manifests.
We don’t need half a brain to see that’s a disorder. That’s absolutely not normal.

In my honest opinion, generally speaking, in a sense, the both sexes are equally advantaged using all possible parameters to judge. But funny, I could still turn around and prove this ain’t true, looking at the issue from yet a different perspective.

Break it down for today –
In this clime (and of course other climes) a girl who likes a guy should can do almost nothing but keep liking him. She can’t do much to make a relationship happen. She can only stare at him and smile. She can’t walk up and try to set things straight verbally.
Public opinion says it’s the guy who must always chase the girl, not the other way round.
But I’ve caught many a girl crushed on a guy. Dude may not even have the littlest idea some girl’s crushed on him. He keeps living his life – girl stalking him around private detective style.

Less than a week ago I still saw this at play. I just sat back and smiled. Should she try let dude know she wants him? Would it be wrong? “What would he think of me? Wouldn’t it mean I’m portraying me I’m worthless?”
If wanting a guy means you’re a slut, then most women are (or were once) sluts. Of course I don’t go with that idea. A girl doing the asking out ain’t a big deal and it certainly doesn’t mean she’s less than who she is.

There’s little you can do about body language. You just exude it naturally. A sensitive dude knows when a girl’s crushed on him. How? Why? It’s written all over every square inch of your body. It doesn’t mean every guy will take the lead and act, even if they do love you back.

There are cases where the girl found a way to express her feelings (I hate that word) and a loving relationship started as a result.
There are more (I believe) other cases where the girl just wouldn’t “express” and she forever lost dude.

^^ all the above are a collection of random thoughts.

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Great quotes of our time

It’s not about opening your mouth and saying up any nonsense.

But, does this make any sense?

“Trust is like Golden Morn. It gets thicker the longer it lasts.”

What do you think?

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Close shave with a soldier

I was driving back home from school this afternoon. I decided to take the Unity axis because my bank was along that road. I needed to use the ATM.

Entering Unity Road, there was a hold-up. The situation wasn’t so bad anyways. Soon I was holding my head out of the gridlock and as I prepared to zoom off, a motorcycle came riding abreast of me. There were two men on it. The man on the front seat called to me “wetin you dey drive now?” I looked at him. Since I considered his speech an insult, I simply looked away. That way, I had spoken a million words.

A few seconds later, the motorcycle overtook, came directly in front of my car and suddenly slowed down. I recognised the man and wondered what he was trying to do. I swerved here, then there, trying not to hit him and also not to come to a full halt. I simply didn’t want to be engaged by him.

The rider made sure he positioned himself in front of me so that I would have to either hit him or halt. I slammed my brakes. By now, I could see the guy was wearing camo combats trousers. No doubt, he is a soldier. My heart skipped one beat (just one).

I still had the option to reverse to gain clearance and then get around the motorcycle and get away. I didn’t. I had halted, engines still running.
He alighted and walked towards me. I tried to remain as calm as I could. I didn’t like the scene that was fast forming.

Now, Mr Soldierman was at my window and I was furiously thinking. I didn’t know what I had done wrong.

Fine, I had read and heard about how soldiers have brutalised civilians and even members of the Police Force in the recent past. So, should I be scared that a soldier was here to harass me? By Law, would he be right if he assaulted me in any way? I have rights as a citizen of this country. Nobody, not even a soldier should take the law into his hands. The fact that he was a soldier shouldn’t mean he’s above a civilian.

^^ that’s how to think. Yet, that’s still NOT how to think.
If I maintained I was right and engaged that soldier, I would have dragged myself into unfamiliar terrain. I would have worsened his anger. He would likely have used his fists or even weapons on me. I certainly would have lost if I chose to fight.
Even if I got justice later, I still wouldn’t have gained anything.

As he came towards me, I interrupted his angry words with “sorry, sorry.. I’m sorry”.
Did that make me a coward? I don’t think so. As he kept venting his anger through his words, I saw that he was angered by the fact that I treated him as a nobody by not even replying his [statement? Speech? Insult?]

He poured out his anger for maybe like ten seconds as I kept saying sorry intermittently. He turned around, got back on his bike and zoomed off.

I zoomed after him, caught up with him, and overtook.. Sped away. I didn’t do this to prove anything. I had simply resumed my life. But as I’m writing this, I feel that was a significant move.

^^ significance: I unwittingly proved to myself and to him that I was above both him and the situation he had just caused.

Don’t think you have to say “sorry” only when you’re wrong. Saying sorry saves us a lot of trouble. It saves us having to argue and argue about things that don’t really matter. Saying sorry isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength and wisdom.

“A gentle answer turns away wrath, but harsh words stir up anger.”


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A tough question.

A tough question.

Can corruption really ever end in this country?

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