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“Selfie arrrt ze parrrtay” – the new cool

Selfie at the party.

It’s interesting how trends spread and establish quickly. Sometimes it’s a dance step. At other times it’s a pop song.. or a phrase. The fact that you keep up with trends could fool you into defining yourself as cool – simply because you’re part of the trend. There was a time when it was trendy to reply just about any Facebook post with I know right or IKR for short. Yea yea, you know that sounds funny. I think a conversation in a movie birthed that IKR trend. Once if you didn’t have a blackberry, you were considered to be from pre-history. Trends are usually restricted to particular geographic areas. But every once in a while a trend comes up that is truly global. One such is the selfie trend.

Now dust your brains for some Maths.
My advanced mathematical theory of trends: If we plotted a graph for trend advancement against time, it would have the shape of the first half of a single cycle of a sinusoidal wave. ie, the trend rises from 0 to a peak, then drops down back to 0. That’s just the nature of trends.

I think it takes just a confident person and publicity to get a trend going. If these two factors are balanced right, a trend MAY form.
As earlier mentioned, one trend that has caught up with most youngsters in recent times (no references here) is the selfie trend. It is the social photo-taking standard today. I think it is a cool thing [yaaaaaawwn]..

All I have been trying to say in the above paragraphs is this: I took a number of selfies at yesterday’s party.


See? I can get away with not citing references. This is not exactly an academic write-up. There are subtle exaggerations in this post.

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I feel like I am on holidays..
But am I? No. But it feels so.

It’s the end of term party, yea. But exams lie ahead, and it’s the real deal – what will determine the worth of all of the past several weeks.

The party is on full-swing and I’m quickly reminding myself that the holiday still lies ahead. It has not begun yet.


Students had a swell time munching cakes and taking photos… then said nice goodbyes… then bounced.

I’m quite impressed that staff waited behind and did all the cleaning up. Happily and selflessly.

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Pre-presentation blog post.

First of, I’m hyper from cycling. Cycling happens every morning for me, and it’s always at the least, fairly intense.

I have a poster presentation in a few minutes, and my heart is still racing – cycling-induced. Well, there’s the adrenaline induced by the thought of my presentation too anyways but I think that’s minimal. Writing this post is perhaps a way to let off some tension.

Ok. Dr B is in.

Now my poster is up on the wall.

Where is Frances? 😀

I’m a lot calmer now. I’m looking at my friends setting up their posters on the wall, and I start getting nervous. Then I remind myself, “it’s what it is – (just) a poster presentation.” Ok, maybe not “just”.

All the best to all my friends presenting posters today.

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They were there on the railing of a bridge over the Clyde river. Different shapes. Different sizes.

I spotted them easily because there were many of them hanging, clustered on the railing. They just had this fetish aura about how they quietly hanged. The fetish connotation made me think of them first as àgádágodos before padlocks. Sorry, but that was how my mind responded. Àgádágodo. I went closer. Upon examination, I saw names etched on the àgádágodos. Two names on each àgádágodo – one male, one female.

OK, àgádágodo means padlock. Simple. The story should make more sense now.

It didn’t require a lot of neuronal activity to figure that lovers left those àgádágodos there as some sort of rite to  symbolise permanent love and commitment between them. That’s not very unfamiliar. I imagine how it would have happened:

Two people fall in love. Their love waxes hotter and hotter till they both feel convinced they must be together forever, and shun the love of any other person. Verbal commitment to each other just will not do. They decide to seal their commitment with the àgádágodo ritual. For some, the rite may mean be nothing more than a symbol. For others, it’s a deeply spiritual matter, a matter of life and death.. Yea, death may be included in the contract – death for anyone who breaches the terms and conditions of the covenant. Love could mean just that to some people.

For love is as strong as death,
its jealousy as enduring as the grave.

Now, some of us know very well that the àgádágodo ritual has other fetish applications than love. I might not want to go in-depth into all that discussion just now. There are stories of how people have used the àgádágodo ritual to do immense evil to other people. It’s just interesting to once in a while see such things as this. It might not interest you. It interests me. Not everyone believes anything exists beyond our physical world. But I do believe this world is a spiritual place. I belong on the side of light. I am affiliated with Jesus Christ.

New word: àgádágodo.
English meaning: padlock.
Origin: Yoruba tribe, West Africa.

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Waiting for perfect conditions


When you’re mixing in the studio, there never comes a time when you feel the mix is perfect. You slide the faders up, down, turn knobs right and left, for forever. You feel satisfied after hours of work. You return the next day, hear what you mixed yesterday and it sounds like pure rubbish.

Many mixing engineers believe there is no such thing as a perfect mix. Just try make things sound as OK as possible and don’t worry yourself too much.. “Why give yourself needless hypertension?” If you wait till your mix sounds perfect to your very self, that time will never come and you will keep going round in circles.

This is not to celebrate mediocrity or anything related to it. The idea is this:

Do not wait for perfect conditions to get things done. Perfect conditions may never come, or they may come too late.

Do the best you can, that is the way to go. But be very sure you do the very best possible.

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Happy birthday Dr. G!!

She’s fun
She’s beautiful
She knows her stuff and..
She’s strict.. yes she is
She is hardworking. I know this – she walks around briskly


She probably doesn’t know I think this of her, but she can liven up a room
She’s cool (Roxy lens et. al.)
She listens
She is patient
She doesn’t mind you interrupting her. She’s there to help you learn effectively

Yea, that’s Dr. G and I love her very much.

Happy birthday dear Doctor. I wish you a long fruitful life in health and prosperity. We appreciate all of the good work you do. Have plenty of fun on this day and always.

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Control of cake expression

This happened Tuesday last week..

I’ve found that afternoon classes usually are not the best in terms of brain alertness. But I had an afternoon class and there was no option of it being missed. So, we were here at M230 waiting to start the class. Then May (not her real name) walks in carrying a cake. She sets it on the table and Prof B jovially asks “what’s the occasion?” If I could guess I would have said it was the national day of May’s country. But it turned out there was nothing being celebrated. I mean nothing out of the ordinary. Just Happy Tuesday.

The cake was sliced up already. One brave person set the pace. Next, everyone else (except just a few people) went forward to grab a piece. Needless to say, that class started on a good note. I feel strongly think the authorities should make this cake-lecture thing standard practice.


The effects of eating that cake did not wear off quickly. Mid-class break came one hour after the class began and you could safely assume guys were high on serotonin. A photo shoot session began. It started with two people. As normal, it takes only one confident person to start a trend. Here we had two – more primers than was needed to set off the reaction.


Amplification. In no time, there were more people in the mix.


I remained calm by not joining the frenzy that was fast forming. You know, cool guys don’t scramble to be in photos. I tried resisting for a while till I couldn’t help but take the plunge plunge in.


Then prof B returned to continue from where he left off. Guys were so chill and calm, like nothing just happened.

What I learnt from the events of that day is this: We often think celebrations are for special days. But what are special days anyways? Were such days in the calendar not defined by us. We think most days to be ordinary and our actions then align to make the day just that – ordinary. We define our day, the day doesn’t define us. By bringing in that cake and sharing with everyone, May had determined what the day was going to be, and it turned out just as such – Special.



Some descriptive aspects of this write-up were exaggerated. ie., Frenzy: Truth be told, a frenzy didn’t happen.


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