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Just when I needed my Me time.

Sunday afternoons are just ideal for shutting out the world and you know.. having some alone time.

My systems must have adjusted to this. I dont feel like doing anything that burns more than 0.0005 calories on sunday afternoons. The routine is this: I get back from church tired. I get on my bed, then try to decide whether to eat lunch first or just sleep. Most times the sleep wins. One hour later, I get up and eat lunch. Then I get on my bed and do anything that doesnt take 0.0005 calories – stretching your legs and folding them alternately, rolling this way and that, or just doing my librocubicularist thing. That’s bliss right? I guess.

Today is another sunday and I had started living out that cycle. On my bed (of course), I was checking my facebook and twitter.. then started a game on the tablet. I was gradually getting it into the depth of the game when Gma rang out my name. Naturally, I frowned. When I showed up, she told me to get the car out. I was going to take her and her husband out. Annoyance. Mild anger.

Needless to say, that ruined the mood. But I didnt say No (of course not. I’m a good boy). As I backed the car out the gate it began to occur to me that my Gfolks must have had no choice but to disturb me. They are neutrally not the kind of people who like to break other people’s schedules. They just had to.

Next, why should I not love the fact that I was making life easier for two old people? When they’re dead and gone (200 years from now), I would miss all these times we are presently sharing together. I felt bad and actively changed my mood.

Remember, making life easier for other people is a service to God.
Helping and honouring your parents (and grandparents) is one way to buy yourself some extra years on the planet.

Honour your father and mother, that you may live long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you..

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