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Bad clash: cycle tour vs biomolecular labs

Today was the unhappiest day I’ve had in a while.

In retrospect, I have not doubts it was caused by bad planning. For many weeks before today, I was scheduled to co-lead a cycle tour today, 1pm to 4pm. As this week is the 6th week in the semester, biomolecular labs was also meant to begin today. I just did not think about it well enough. I assumed the labs session would be something from like 10am till about 1pm. I looked at the time-table, I saw just what I wanted to see – morning labs. Fact, what my eyes mind saw was that the labs was meant to last 2 hours.

So, this morning as I got ready for the day, I felt the day was quite well planned.
But somewhere in the backside of my head, I had that premonition. I did not feel too so even as I left home for school.

I arrived the laboratory on time and settled down. Dr. P started his introduction and soon I saw that apart from the morning session which we were having already, there would be an afternoon component starting about 1:30pm. I quickly saw I had planned using wrong data. I started thinking furiously. How was I going to go about this? By 1:30, I would be out on the streets leading cycle tourists around Glasgow city.

Why had I not properly though about this before today? I could simply have arranged in advance for a cycle tour leader colleague to take my place. But now, just 30 minutes before the tour would begin.. not knowing what to do, I prayed quickly about it as I left the lab. The morning lab session had ended.

Then I thought, “what if the weather turns out to be not so good for cycling – just for the next few hours?” I certainly wouldn’t mind that. Or, “what if no one shows up for the ride?” Again, that would be fine by me. But, I had taken the responsibility weeks in advance, and I couldn’t let everyone down at this time. I desperately tried reaching a fellow cycle tour leader to take my place to no avail. I made my way to the gym, where the tour was meant to kick off hoping no one would turn up. Approaching the gym, there where two happy fellas waiting.

“You’re here for the cycle tour?” I asked, smiling.
“Yea, sure.”

Soon, two ladies arrived. “Wow” I thought. I managed to keep smiling as I kept hoping to find a replacement for me. No way I was going to be doing a bicycle tour when I was meant to be in the labs. But again, if I couldn’t find a reliable replacement, I was tied down to the task already. I just hoped for a miracle. It did not come. Last resort. I went back to the labs and reported the situation to my class rep..



then went on the tour.

..missing my labs in the process.

The tour was meant to be fun, and it was. Only the frame of mind I was in did not allow me the full benefit. By about 3:30pm, the tour was over and I was back in the labs. Needless to say, I had missed. Dr. P helped me partly salvage the situation, but obviously, “it would have been better if you were here from the start.”

Afterwards, I got wondering if I should have stayed off from the cycle tour and embraced the labs. Perhaps that would have been the better idea. If I did that though, it still would have been immoral to at the last minute turn down people who have signed up for a cycle tour I was meant to co-lead. Summary was that by not planning adequately, I had set myself up for a bad day. That is the moral of the long story.

A few things on my part could have prevented what happened today: Understanding schedules and planning them out well in advance would have made the difference.

And yea, I feel a lot better just sharing how my day went.

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The kind of forums I love

I love to listen to people. I also love to talk. I love forums where I can share my opinions and where I learn from the opinions of other participants. That is just what happened this morning.


My classmates and I were divided into groups where we cross-exchanged our personal views about the same topics. My group was probably the smallest – just 4 people. We got talking freely. The more fun part of it was that, the discussions were being assessed.

I love being assessed on how well I do things I do without effort. I see it this way – assessing me in a free discussion session is akin to grading how well I can eat a Big Mac from McDonald’s. You know, that’s just stressless. I wish more of my assessments were of this kind.

Notwithstanding, I realise that some of the things I do without effort are a total truckload of work for somebody else and vice versa. The aforementioned fact is why I didn’t take the assessment exercise lightly. IT WAS IMPORTANT. Perhaps I was just lucky that today’s was my comfort zone. The Experimental Data Analysis assessment will be around soon and I hope before it comes, I would have made it more of a comfort zone than it is to me currently.

Another light in which the discussion forum was very important was how it helped me see matters through the eyes of my group peers. We had similar yet different views and it broadened the scope.

Part of what we discussed was what attributes a twenty-first century graduate should possess. One of the attributes was Discipline Knowledge.
For some reason, I had taken the phrase “discipline knowledge” to mean “being disciplined.” It took a single contribution to help me see the phrase was more about how much knowledge you possess about your field. Be calm, I’m not dumb in real life.

Two [good] heads are better than one.

Having fun while learning and simultaneously being assessed is something I hope I will experience more here at GCU.


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I gained one free hour..

It’s 1:53am right now. 24 hours ago, it was 2:53am.

I had a lot of tasks to complete on my PC. I started working hours before midnight.
Because I have to be in church early in the morning, I knew I had to sleep as early as I could.
Getting to church early can not be sacrificed.. What I would have to sacrifice is the length of my sleep time.

I was already getting uneasy. I didn’t want to l stop working yet I knew I had to go to sleep soon.
I kept looking at the time. Soon it was 2am. 30 minutes after 2am, I glanced again. It was 1:30.

Then I remembered. The clock goes back one hour today. I felt glad I had gained one hour. Means I can add one more hour to my sleep time. It felt so good you know.. like you’d gotten an early Christmas present.

I know a lot of my friends are asleep right now and they will wake up one hour before they usually wake, because just like me,many of them would have forgotten that the clock goes back one hour today. So much for daylight savings.

Some months from now, you will wake one hour later than you should, is that? No, I remember when that happened months ago – when the clock fast-forwarded by one hour, it happened that I STILL woke earlier than I should, not later – yea. That was just my circadian rhythm playing tricks on my body’s perception of time. I woke too early because dawn came too early, and even though I my eyes were shut in sleep, my body found a way to sense that it was already light outside. I remember I was so glad I still had some more time to sleep. I love sleep.

All of this setting and resetting of clocks.. It’s just us humans and how we try to keep track of that phenomenon called TIME. Time itself is a concept that we will never understand fully. Watch out for a post soon about that.

Sweet dreams friends. If you’ve not, turn your analog clocks back one hour. and never forget. Time is precious, use every second wisely.

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One more reason to love GCU

I logged in to my Linkedin account. Scrolling down, I saw a notification to review Glasgow Caledonian as a student. I didn’t have to think far to put down a lot of reasons why I would recommend GCU to anyone. In a short time, I had a sizeable composition. I posted it and forgot about it.

Days after that, I was in a morning class. It was so cold that morning and I had to sit next to a radiator. For some reason, the radiator stopped working after a while. I moved to sit close to another radiator. The professor noticed. That was when I learnt one more reason to love GCU.

The professor digressed from the lecture for a bit and explained that all the heating came from GCU’s gas power plant. GCU makes it’s own electricity. It uses a gas-powered plant to generate all this electricity. The heat generated as lost energy is piped through all the buildings and fed through the radiators. That way, energy is not wasted. I loved GCU a little more for this snippet.

I think a university should be a community that runs itself. It should be self-sufficient in all things. Why? Intellectuals. Learners. Researchers. Geeks. Academics. Discoverers. Those are the sort of people that make up the university community. It shouldn’t be so difficult to see why such a community should easily run itself.

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Yes, interesting.. go on.


It’s interesting that sometimes people think they are funny when they are not.
Some churn out one ‘joke’ after another, thinking their lines are engaging and funny. They just can’t read the body language of the audience.

I keep shifting weight from one foot to the other, and he can’t even see that I’ve had enough of the talk. I just want to leave, but he won’t stop.

Interacting with people, I’ve seen that some people just lack the ability to perceive other people’s body language. I would think there is some statistics out there that says that the non-verbal part of communication accounts for more of it than words exchanged.

But again, there is the flip-side to this, which is that some people are overly sensitive to the body language of their audience. They feel every muscle twitch of the audience must mean something.. I have been here a few times. I misjudged my audience’s facial expression, and it turned out I was wrong.

Neither of the above is a nice thing. Indeed, being able to accurately [of course I said accurately for lack of a better word] sense your audience’s mood, so that you’re neither not sensitive nor overly sensitive, is a skill that not many people possess. For the people that possess it, is it innate? Is it acquired? Perhaps, it’s a mixture of both.

Human communication is a complex thing and we will never be able to be 100% sure what is on the mind of even our best friends – if they don’t tell us.

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“I may never see you again..”

I’ve always loved meeting people, new random people from everywhere.

I took an afternoon stroll to Tesco to do some shopping. At checkout, my tissue paper read 5 pounds on the self checkout machine.
No way a tissue paper pack would sell for 5 pounds. Something was obviously wrong so I told a staff.
She went to sort the issue, and I took a seat – with a grandpa. Quickly, a warm conversation began.

I was glad I met David. He told me of his trip to Africa, how he loved to take walks, how he many more things.. and then.. he might never see me again.

It touched my emotions that I might never see this old man who had quickly become my friend, again. Soon, The Tesco staff had sorted my tissue paper price error. I prayed with David and I was ready to leave. David then said some things I considered very profound.

“Who knows I said, uhh.. I’l maybe not see you again, uhhh.. I hope I do see you.. I hope we’re both going to the same place”

“That’s heaven right?”

“It is indeed. It is indeed. Do you have the assurance of that?”




“That’s brilliant”

“Can I take a photo with you?”

“Aye, sure.. sure. Sure.”

Then I took a selfie with David.


That conversation was very important. It reminded me that I’ll not live on earth forever. I’ll die one day. David reminded me that I needed to be sure where I would spend my eternity.

I reckon that one thing everyone should be sure about is where they will live forever.

I believe I will see David one day. If not on this earth, then certainly in heaven – and that is because I have accepted the free offer of salvation from God through Jesus Christ.

Accept God’s free offer of salvation. It’s free

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Friday morning rambling 2 (a sequel)

Continuing from yesterday’s post..


Everyone tried to log on to the computers and only one person successfully did.
The IT department suggested we did cold reboots. We did. NOTHING.

SInce we really needed to use the computers, and the computers refused to be useful, we had to move to the adjoing lab. As we walked into the lab, it felt so cold and so not homely. You know, it felt like some industrial setting. I didn’t like that space much. Anyways the computers in that particular lab were compliant, so we stayed.

I promised I was going to write this post yesterday evening. Sorry I did not keep that promise. The evening didn’t turn out as planned. While this does happen (plans changing) I still aplogise.

Today is a Saturday. I’m looking forward to a bright and cool day.

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