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Cruising headlong into the darkness..

Night driving’s never been my thing. Particularly here where streetlights hardly work, it’s very easy to understand the plight of road users at night. The glare from cars coming in the opposite direction only makes things worse. It seems many of these drivers have no clue their headlights could be switched between “dim” and full beam. They just keep it on full beam full-time.

I try as much as possible to avoid driving at night. For me, night driving and blind faith have a lot of things in common. The truth is, there are times when, for many seconds, I don’t see anything. I don’t see the road, I don’t see the car(s) in front of me.. All I see is bright lights (not like in an out-of-body experience though). When I can see a bit well, I use vague landmarks and tail lights of vehicles ahead to keep on the road. I just keep faith alive that I’m right on my path.

My response varies from extreme caution, where I slow down to almost zero, to near-nonchalance, where I just keep moving, caring nothing to slow down. There are those times when I even step on the gas a little more – worries in the trash. I just go with my instincts “calculating” to maintain the right locus with the vaguest of parameters.

A few hours ago, I had to drop my gfolks off at some place for a meeting because their driver had asked me to help out. He had told me he wouldn’t see well because it was already dark (about 8pm). After dropping them, I headed back home alone. Even though I couldn’t see the road clearly, you’d pass if you said I was on a racecourse.

Happy new month.
Drive safely. đŸ™‚
Ow, I stumbled on this article. It houses tips on driving safely at night.

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A sail into the sunset..

The sail of no return

The sail of no return

Some day..
We’ll embark on a journey and not return
We’ll say a final goodbye
We’ll eat a last meal
We’ll draw one last breath of fresh air
We’ll give one last instruction
We’ll hug one last friend
We’ll sing one last song
We’ll do one last dance
We’ll fight one last opponent
We’ll sit for one last exam
We’ll say one last “I love you”
We’ll greet our house mates one last “Good night”
We’ll pose for one last photograph
We’ll beam one last smile
We’ll cry one last time

We’ll take a jump, never again to land
We’ll take a landing, never again to take to the air
We’ll take a dive, never again to surface
We’ll close our eyes, never again to open them
We’ll shut our mouth, never for it open again
We’ll lie down, never again to sit upright
We’ll be confined in a box, never again to see the light of the sun

Stepping out of the box..
We’ll approach the lights at the end of the tunnel and won’t even look back
We’ll shed all the weight and be as light as paper
Like eagles we’ll soar and find our place in eternity
Time and Space would belong in the past.

At that time, the big question would be
“Through all of life..
Had it been worth it?”

[A tribute to late Faith Enokela. Rest in Peace]


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What do you know about Germanic Ammonites?

Imagine you’re in an exam. The first and only problem in the question booklet reads, “Write a comprehensive essay about the cumulative effects of sea squirt discharge on the brain chemistry of germanic ammonites”. You read the question again sloooowly to be sure you’re not hallucinating. You blink thrice to be certain you’re not dreaming, then.. the brain simple freezes. The big Q: where do you start from?
You know just as much about yourself and the world around you “as you do about the cumulative effects of sea squirt discharge on the brain chemistry of Germanic ammonites”. When I saw the above phrase on a web design tutorial site, I couldn’t help but laugh. What in the world are germanic ammonites? It makes zero sense to me.

The author on the website started a fresh web design tutorial topic, “CSS”. The author stated he would assume the reader knows so much about CSS as he knows about “..germanic ammonites”. In other words, the author is assuming you don’t know anything about CSS and therefore he’ll teach you everything from the scratch.
I don’t know anything about germanic ammonites (if any such thing even exists), and in the same way, what we humans know about ourselves and our universe is next to nothing (despite all we’ve discovered).

We’ve barely begun to scratch the surface. There’s still too much about the human body that we don’t know despite all the medical discoveries that have been made.
There’s a lot of stuff about our immediate world and the distant universe we can’t fathom.
There are bird species that migrate for thousands of kilometres across continents every year and arrive just where they should. Magic?
How do certain fish species migrate to and from specific spawning locations in the oceans every breeding season with accuracy?
Just what do we know about the human brain? Almost nothing.
Could there be life on Mars?
Do intelligent species live far away in distant galaxies?
What exactly’s happening in the center of the sun?
How exactly does our hair grow?
What’s the exact cause of Alzheimer’s?
How are our experiences and memories represented in our brain?
If the universe is constantly expanding, into where is it expanding? Means there’s some “space” outside our universe?
Our world is full of mysteries we will never be able to solve. What does that portend to us? Should we be scared?

I’m human and I don’t know so much. What I do know is that I know the One who knows everything. Because He knows every and all things, my lack of knowledge means little if not nothing. Al-iz-well..

“What are Germanic Ammonites?”


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The Things They Do For Love

I’ve met all kinds of women – married and unmarried.
I’ve marvelled at how they are wired to act.
I’ve been surprised at how they’re inclined to respond to situations in seemingly illogical ways.
I’ve wondered at how they are hard-coded to react to men’s various attitudes with seeming naĂ¯vete.
Their reasoning, actions and reactions could make you perceive them as silly and laughable, illogical and unreasonable.

Do they possess unlimited capacity to love and commit even when they are not loved in return?
Are they made to be natural forgivers or they are just naĂ¯ve?
It seems to me they’re naturally vulnerable to men’s sweet talk. After making her cry, all he needs do is present a rose in apology. She would put both hands on his chest, look softly into his eyes and mutter through the tears, “are you sure you will never hurt me again?” Then she believes the strife is over but soon, another episode begins. Virtually all women are like this. In this regard, women are so like babies.. soft and tender.

I believe they’ve been made by God to reason and act this way. They absorb all kinds of inhuman gestures from their husbands. They conceal all the hurt with a smile. Their hearts are broken, yet they dote on their husbands and make him feel like the king which (in my opinion) he’s not.
Ogochukwu eventually paid the ultimate price in her bid to give and find love in a home headed by her cruel husband. It seems really unwise that she still continued to pour her love on him – all her love, from a heart he had broken over and over. Ogochukwu was just being a woman with her inexhaustible patience. She remained committed to Kevin (purely without logic). That’s who a woman is.

Make no mistake, there are countless other women who are right now suffering in their homes just as Ogo suffered. Through their suffering, they still fix breakfast for their husbands. They still do his laundry. They still cater to his sexual needs. They still try to talk him out of the stress at work. They still beam with smiles and welcome him when he gets back from work. They try to contain the strife in themselves – for their children’s sake (and for other reasons known to God and them). Little wonder many of them come down with psychosomatic disorders. Oh, the things that women do for love.
No logic can explain this except to say God made women to be mothers not just to their children but to their husbands as well. I guess that’s why they can soak up all the immaturity and cruelty and yet respond with love.

Having wondered about these things over and over, I can only conclude that there’s some wiring placed in women by God which makes them able to take all the stretching and yet not tear apart.


This piece is a tribute to Ogochukwu Onuchukwu.

Rest In Peace Ogochukwu.

Rest In Peace Ogochukwu.

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Romancing With Death (A sequel)

He had this flair for foreign chics. All around him were Israelite women he could pick a date from. His heart was set about what he wanted – a “Philistino”. His parents tried to make him see reason. Samson just wouldn’t listen.
The law of Moses wasn’t liberal enough to permit marriage between an Israelite and a foreigner – particularly people from any of the wicked nations around Israel. God had specifically warned against this kind of relationship. Any regular Israelite should follow this law, how much more a citizen who had been consecrated to God since birth to be a nazirite. Samson just couldn’t be constrained by any law

Even when it was obvious that Delilah meant him evil, he still courted her.
My father would liken it to seeing the early stages of cancer in your breast and allowing the cancer to grow and spread. It will eventually become uncontrollable and unmanageable. So, why not do a radical mastectomy? R A D I C A L. . Remove it!

Samson just couldn’t see. He had been blinded. Clearly, this woman meant him no good. She had tried to test and find the source of his strength. She needed to know his secret so she could incapacitate him and give him over to his enemies. When he gave a false answer, she would act on the answer and say, “Samson, the philistines are upon you.” Samson would break loose.. then they would have another episode, then another, and another. I mean, he was joking and having fun with the very thing that would eventually destroy him. It’s like when one is under a spell.

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Scenes from an Igbo movie.

Late Ogochukwu

Late Ogochukwu

As I read through her site, I didn’t know exactly what to conclude. I wanted to quickly know if it was some cute thought-provoking write-up, you know, sponsored by some anti-violence-against-women NGO or an actually true story. I first saw the story on Linda Ikeji’s blog. The caption there reads “My Story: Ogochukwu Onuchukwu – A woman shares her story from the grave”. If it were a true life story, the question then would be “how would a dead person write a letter from the world beyond?” On the other hand, the story was beautifully (albeit sorrowfully) written as ACTUALLY EXPERIENCED by a REAL woman who went through hell in her matrimony.

As I read on, I focused attention on the bitter experiences of the key character regardless of whether she was fictional or real. It’s a tale of sorrows. I wondered if things like what she describes in the write-up still existed in today’s Nigeria. You know, it brought to mind those scenes from Igbo films, where the wife was under constant pressure from her husband’s family, particularly the husband’s mother, to ‘conjure’ up a child – as though she were God.. as though the infertile one in the matrimony has to and must always be the woman.. A really funny one (that does happen) is when a husband keeps demanding a male child from his wife. That’s the height of ignorance ‘cos the truth is he (the husband) determines what the baby’s sex is. But his cerebrum’s probably too stuffed up with crap for him to ever know that. The very husband who swore to God before witnesses to hold his wife and care for her till death does them part then turns his back on her (on issues that could entirely be his fault). He who’s meant to shield her, protect her, defend her and be her constant reason to smile then becomes the reason why she cries.
In these Igbo films, upon a husband’s death, the wife is dispossessed of all her property by her in-laws. Frankly I felt all such scenes as these belonged in the movies. Sad to announce, they’re right here with us. These things happen in the cities (where folks are thought to be enlightened) as much as in the villages where education’s not a priority.

The sad thing’s that regardless of what girls (and guys) read or hear, many will still end up in abusive relationships. I hope you learn from late Ogochukwu’s story. There are so many lessons to pick from Ogochukwu’s tempestuous matrimony. She valued the vow she made to God and even though she was battered through and through, she didn’t walk away. Only death (which I’m certain was contributed to by her husband and his family) freed her from that marriage.

A man who would hit his wife or threaten her is a foolish coward. The only reason many men harass their wives’s cos they’re physically stronger than her. This is tantamount to reasoning through your anus. Jude (a character from The Punch Newspaper’s Efe and Jude cartoon) would never lift a finger against his wife not because he doesn’t want to, but because she’s twice as muscular as he is. I got a lot to say but I’ll just hang the topic and wrap it up with the following:

Women are fragile. Handle them with care.
Show your wife love and care. You’re accountable to God who sees her tears.

Ogochukwu died last month. According to Linda Ikeji, Ogochukwu’s story was “written by someone who was part of her life and witnessed her struggles. RIP Ogo”

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Today’s 7am Wedding.

It’s been a long time since I had to wake up very early in the morning just to make a church wedding. Most weddings I’ve attended within the past several months started 9am (which time is very OK for me).
I’ve witnessed so many weddings in my church.. I mean, so so many. So many that I’m beginning to not feel there’s anything special about weddings. đŸ˜¦

While I’m getting conditioned into feeling weddings ain’t special, I actually know for a fact that they are, at least to the bride and bride-groom. When it’s your turn to get wedded, you’ll see for yourself how it’s so much of a big deal. [Mmhh.. I wonder how mine’s gon be]

There are times when I personally know neither bride nor groom. At such times I’m in church in capacity as a member of the choir. Then, there’s the tendency to be apathetic about what’s going on. We’re humans. These tendencies apply to us all. But, the zeal I put into my work at church should have nothing to do with whether I know the wedding folks or not. This applies everywhere else we find ourselves. “Whatever you do, do it with all your heart, as unto the Lord and not unto men.”

While you can’t blame me (cos I’m human :)) ), it doesn’t mean I’m not guilty (even if I don’t feel like it). I’m actively making a decision to step up my game. Whatever your hand finds to do, do it EXCELLENTLY well.

About the wedding currently going on, it’s mixed feelings for me. While I’m glad for the couple, today’s wedding means one less chic in my assembly. Her husband’s taking her away from us :'(.. lorl [LaughingOutRealLoud]


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