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Imposed niceness

The people of Glasgow have a tradition of opening the door and holding it open for anyone else who might be coming behind. This is a courteous thing of anyone to do. Very simple gesture it is, but, be a recipient of the gesture and then decide if it makes you feel special or not. This tradition practically achieves one thing: Showing love and kindness to other people, and you’d agree that makes our world a better place.

Soon after I first observed this, I found myself opening the door, and upon seeing other people coming behind me, smiled at them and held the door open. Whether or not they had asked for the niceness, I made sure I gave it to them. Intention is what really matters right? Right. Sometimes the niceness recipient was several steps away. To accept my niceness and be ‘considerate’, they would double up to get in the door in time. It made me smile inside of me. Did they really need me asking them to run up – that’s what I just did. I’ve been on the receiving end myself and I have had to jog up a number of times. For me, myself and I, there was no advantage I gained having someone hold the door open and smile at me. It only made me stress no matter how small.

So you see both sides of the equation and wonder if it is necessary to keep this niceness on. If I remember well, I did this niceness imposition on an elderly woman this morning. I made her jog when she may not have required it. But, regardless, I maintain that intention is what matters more. It makes the earth cosier to live in. If you’re in the habit of showing niceness this way and other ways, keep doing it.

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Gma’s Wall Photos

Step into my living room. Easily, you would think you were in a photo gallery;
It is about Gma’s love to have her photos right where she can see them without having to flip photo album pages. I’m sitting in her favorite spot in the living room and the wall before me is covered with photos. The wall at my back is also covered with photos.


Some time ago, the house was made over and that left the walls with just a few pictures, simple and uncluttered. But the walls were just too #notjustOK for Gma. Day after day, more photos were added to the ones already on the photo railing – by Gma. I thought “well, fine. When the railing can take no more photos, she’ll stop.” Soon, the railing was holding all the photos it could take,

… but Gma did not stop.

Much as I did not like the idea of adding more photos, I was very instrumental in placing many on the wall. Gma did most of it herself but there were times when she needed a little help. She would call me and point to a spot on the wall – her other hand holding the new photo addition. Quickly I understood. In a few minutes, the wall had one more photo.

There were times when you’re passing by and you see her standing in the middle of the room scanning the wall, a fresh photo in hand. Oh no, not again but you already know the drill. One more photo baby.

Why, why and why? There are probably a host of different reasons. But here is one I’m 99% sure about:

She wanted to be able to see all the faces in those photos all the time, and I know she derived a lot of joy just sitting in the sofa and looking across the wall – whereon the photos hanged – wherein the people she cared about permanently smiled. Yes, these are the people she cared about. Seeing them all the time makes her day.
She wanted to put all her nice memories right before her at all times, which science has not proven to be a bad thing.
As you age, family, friends and the other “smaller things” of life matter more on a scale higher than they used to. Small gifts from people you care about mean more.. than just gifts. That explains something.

If you’d ask me,

The littler things of life mean more.
I would choose modesty and happiness over too much money – money over and beyond what I will ever need.
I would rather have friends to play with than servants to wait upon me.
I would choose a small, cozy, comfy, comfortable house over a fifty-bedroom mansion.
I would feast on the type: pounded yam, tea, fish and veggies, roast corn.. over expensive dinners in the most-luxurious of hotels.
I would rather stick to one beautiful lady than do hot whores who would eventually make your life (w)horrifying and (w)horrible <== #checktharhyme Winking smile

So, it beats me to imagine why humans would, in a bid to be happy:
Keep dozens of cars,
Build mansions, most rooms of which you would never use,
Steal billions upon billions from the treasury,
Keep collecting and acquiring everything there is to acquire.

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Just when I needed my Me time.

Sunday afternoons are just ideal for shutting out the world and you know.. having some alone time.

My systems must have adjusted to this. I dont feel like doing anything that burns more than 0.0005 calories on sunday afternoons. The routine is this: I get back from church tired. I get on my bed, then try to decide whether to eat lunch first or just sleep. Most times the sleep wins. One hour later, I get up and eat lunch. Then I get on my bed and do anything that doesnt take 0.0005 calories – stretching your legs and folding them alternately, rolling this way and that, or just doing my librocubicularist thing. That’s bliss right? I guess.

Today is another sunday and I had started living out that cycle. On my bed (of course), I was checking my facebook and twitter.. then started a game on the tablet. I was gradually getting it into the depth of the game when Gma rang out my name. Naturally, I frowned. When I showed up, she told me to get the car out. I was going to take her and her husband out. Annoyance. Mild anger.

Needless to say, that ruined the mood. But I didnt say No (of course not. I’m a good boy). As I backed the car out the gate it began to occur to me that my Gfolks must have had no choice but to disturb me. They are neutrally not the kind of people who like to break other people’s schedules. They just had to.

Next, why should I not love the fact that I was making life easier for two old people? When they’re dead and gone (200 years from now), I would miss all these times we are presently sharing together. I felt bad and actively changed my mood.

Remember, making life easier for other people is a service to God.
Helping and honouring your parents (and grandparents) is one way to buy yourself some extra years on the planet.

Honour your father and mother, that you may live long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you..

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Shifts and Transitions

When I first met you, I had no clue you’d be what you are to me right now.

I’d see you walking along, and it would mean absolutely nothing. Sometimes we’d even walk past each other, and a minute later, I couldn’t even remember you walked by.

Each time I saw the face, I could only remember the owner of this face had a lot to do around. Only what exactly he was doing and how he was doing whatever he was doing meant nothing to me.

Neither for special FX, nor pride, nor arrogance, nor rudeness. It was just about..

Minding your own biz.
Having too much of your own stuff to think about.
Letting people be. There are a lot of people in this world. Let each person do their thing.

But one day, I found that my friend was also your friend. Serendipity. I spotted my friend in the distance. I walked up and found you there. Then, my friend introduced us to each other. As he did, I though, “Do we need any introductions? We walk by each other all the time.” But then I just smiled, stretched out my hand. Firm grip. “Nice to meet you.”

Days later, staggering into the cafeteria tired and famished, I looked up in time to catch you smiling at me. I walked over to your table, drew a chair and sat. “Boy, I’m so tired, I need fooood.” At this, you laughed “do you even cook at all?” A lively convo began and soon enough, I wasn’t hungry anymore.

Then I found we had more in common.
He’s a deft keyboardist.
He could put you in a virtual realm talking with you.
He would make you see his words.
You can hear his paintings.
You can smell his music.
You can chew his charm.

..and to think that just days back we would walk past each other without as little as a raised eyebrow and a nod…

A lot of people who right now mean the world to me were once complete strangers – people I never once thought I would ever have anything to do with.

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Are they naturally disadvantaged by that?

By what? By their sex
Who are they? Females.

Is it then a disadvantage? I don’t think so. Some people think it is..

There are a lot of people who feel they shouldn’t be the sex they are – in many different senses:

Some feel the opposite sex is more privileged judging by certain parameters.

A different and more advanced sense to it is that there are also people who actually believe they are a different sex than what their physical body manifests.
We don’t need half a brain to see that’s a disorder. That’s absolutely not normal.

In my honest opinion, generally speaking, in a sense, the both sexes are equally advantaged using all possible parameters to judge. But funny, I could still turn around and prove this ain’t true, looking at the issue from yet a different perspective.

Break it down for today –
In this clime (and of course other climes) a girl who likes a guy should can do almost nothing but keep liking him. She can’t do much to make a relationship happen. She can only stare at him and smile. She can’t walk up and try to set things straight verbally.
Public opinion says it’s the guy who must always chase the girl, not the other way round.
But I’ve caught many a girl crushed on a guy. Dude may not even have the littlest idea some girl’s crushed on him. He keeps living his life – girl stalking him around private detective style.

Less than a week ago I still saw this at play. I just sat back and smiled. Should she try let dude know she wants him? Would it be wrong? “What would he think of me? Wouldn’t it mean I’m portraying me I’m worthless?”
If wanting a guy means you’re a slut, then most women are (or were once) sluts. Of course I don’t go with that idea. A girl doing the asking out ain’t a big deal and it certainly doesn’t mean she’s less than who she is.

There’s little you can do about body language. You just exude it naturally. A sensitive dude knows when a girl’s crushed on him. How? Why? It’s written all over every square inch of your body. It doesn’t mean every guy will take the lead and act, even if they do love you back.

There are cases where the girl found a way to express her feelings (I hate that word) and a loving relationship started as a result.
There are more (I believe) other cases where the girl just wouldn’t “express” and she forever lost dude.

^^ all the above are a collection of random thoughts.

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