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Demola’s dogs

I was at Demola’s house.
Soon I was at the back of the house. There is a Sweet Orange tree there loaded down with a million ripe oranges. Of the one million oranges on that tree, I was going to be relieving the trunk of the weight of just fifty. Fair deal innit?

As I approached the tree, securely tethered to it’s stem were two dogs. Semi-fierce things they were.
They barked and barked. I remained cool for two reasons:

One, both Demola and his dad were with me. If, for whatever reasons, any one of the dogs came loose, they certainly wouldn’t just watch me running around screaming.

Two, the chains that held the dogs down limited how far they could come at me. Once I felt sure I was outside the radius, I could only get about my business. I could not care less. The dogs came this far, but stopped within inches of me. I smiled and taunted. Tongue out.

Why would I fear. I needed not.
You can only fear the devil (you should be) if you’re resident in his territory.
“Come out from among them and be ye separate.” That way, you would have nothing to fear.
Demola and his dad Angels would be constantly around you to ensure that you are safe. God loves you this much.

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