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I wonder.. I know.

I wonder what you’re doing right now
I wonder what life on that side is like
I wonder if you can see all the stuff going on in our world of mortals
I wonder if you know I’m writing this about you

I wonder what it will be like when it’s my turn to exit this plane
Are there bright lights and a tunnel like some say?
As I step out my body, do I see my loved ones mourning me?
Do I just look up, then zap off at the speed of light?

I’ll remain curious. I can never know for sure till it’s my turn
We cannot be sure about how death happens
We can be sure we will die one day
When? How? Where? We’re mortals for the fact that we cannot answer these

I know you’re not here anymore
I know God let you exit for reasons best known to him
I know that anyone who catches a glimpse of heaven wants nothing more of Earth
I know that every single passing day moves us closer to the grave

I know there is a life after life on earth
I know there are worlds beyond our Earth
I know there is a place called Heaven
I know God’s children have homes in Heaven

I know we will see you again
Because you have not died
You have only gone to be with your maker
And we’ll be there also.. one day.. and FOREVER.

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