Imposed niceness

30 Mar

The people of Glasgow have a tradition of opening the door and holding it open for anyone else who might be coming behind. This is a courteous thing of anyone to do. Very simple gesture it is, but, be a recipient of the gesture and then decide if it makes you feel special or not. This tradition practically achieves one thing: Showing love and kindness to other people, and you’d agree that makes our world a better place.

Soon after I first observed this, I found myself opening the door, and upon seeing other people coming behind me, smiled at them and held the door open. Whether or not they had asked for the niceness, I made sure I gave it to them. Intention is what really matters right? Right. Sometimes the niceness recipient was several steps away. To accept my niceness and be ‘considerate’, they would double up to get in the door in time. It made me smile inside of me. Did they really need me asking them to run up – that’s what I just did. I’ve been on the receiving end myself and I have had to jog up a number of times. For me, myself and I, there was no advantage I gained having someone hold the door open and smile at me. It only made me stress no matter how small.

So you see both sides of the equation and wonder if it is necessary to keep this niceness on. If I remember well, I did this niceness imposition on an elderly woman this morning. I made her jog when she may not have required it. But, regardless, I maintain that intention is what matters more. It makes the earth cosier to live in. If you’re in the habit of showing niceness this way and other ways, keep doing it.

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