08 Sep

You’re walking into the reception, and there’s water all over the floor..

There’s water dripping from the ceiling.. A drop lands on your head. You’re like “eeeww..” You later discover the dripping water’s coming from a toilet upstairs.. a dirty toilet. Then, you’re like “eeeeeeeww, eeww eww yuck yuck..”

You check into your room, then you get on the bed. Then you look to the side of the bed by the wall. It’s dark. You shine a torch, and you see what? Two condom satchets.. BE AFRAID.

You see something on the wall like a CCTV camera. Your friend asks, “is that a camera?” I answer, “only in your dreams would that be a camera.”

There’s a knock on the door. My friend says, “housekeeping?”
“Housekeeping my foot!”

I needed to plug my laptop and do some work. I looked around, behind the table, the bed, everywhere. I couldn’t find a single sane mains outlet. International hotel tinz.

When you are in the bathroom, you touch the wall and you get a shock. Live current, with water everywhere.. Should you not be scared?

Only around here do you see such “International” hotels. At least in it’s name, there’s the word “International”.

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