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Boring Ceilidh turned fun..

I looked forward to today’s Ceilidh for the past several days..
It was going to be the first Ceilidh I would have outside the walls of Glasgow Caledonian.

Mariela posted a pic of the venue on facebook and I just knew I would be there.


It was for 8pm so I tidied up my activities for today so I could be as early as possible to the venue. I imagined that a lot of my friends would be there and it was going to be sooooo fun.

Because of a scheduled piano teaching session I had by 7pm, I could not be at the Ceilidh for 8. I wasn’t bothered to get there 9 because the event would end at midnight. I didn’t think I would stay till midnight anyways.

Yea, I got to the venue at about 9pm. Entering into the hall, I scanned around. There was a dance going on. I couldn’t see one single person I knew. Where are my GCU folks? I panned right, left and centre, no one. I had no time getting depressed, there was some cool fusion ceilidh music going on on stage. I walked to the stage and took a short video. I’ve heard this style of Ceilidh music the band was playing, a few times and I always thought about it as “fusion ceilidh.” You know, it sounded so contemporary, so avant-garde. I loved the blend so well I knew I was going to ask the sound engineers or the band, where I could get those sounds from, after the event.

My excitement didn’t last long – the band ended the performance like 5 minutes later. Everyone on the dance floor went back to sit. Quickly I got pondering why I came for this event. I took a few pictures and started getting my mind ready to leave. One thing though, I would have one dance before leaving. Just one.

Soon enough, the announcement rang out, ”to the dance floor.” I went to the floor to give it a go. I planned to leave after that session. Somehow, the dance session turned out to be so fun that I let go of the thought to leave. “Maybe just one more..” I had one more, then another.. and another.

My first dance group

Between two of the dance sessions, the band did some cool instrumental as the dance instructor made announcements. As the instrumental went on, a group of friends spontaneously began a choreography and what a lovely sight it was to behold. Before I thought to whip my phone out to do a recording, the choreography was almost ending. See what my camera caught..

I love these guys..


I met the leader of the band after the last session, and he told me this style of Ceilidh is called Ceilidh Rock.
I was so glad I didn’t leave in a rush. It turned out to be the best Ceilidh event I have ever attended.

Time to catch some sleep. Good night friends and see you in the next post.


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Cheap Magic

I got to gma’s house this afternoon. I needed to see her to pack some consignments. I didn’t meet her. My grandpa was also not at home. They had both gone out. Funny enough, they had gone where I was just arriving from – the UITH.

Deborah and Esther were in the living room watching TV. Somewhat disappointed, I went straight to my room, took my shoes off, and got on my bed. Nothing made sense. All I wanted was just to see my g-folks. So, when Esther came around with her little chats, I was the opposite of veeeery interested. I was dozing off as she kept trying to start a conversation. She asked one funny question after another, and I lazily mumbled answers.

But soon, things took an interesting turn. She asked, “why do you always have that Bluetooth headset on?” I can’t remember what answer I gave. She asked again, “how do songs play on it, do the songs come with it when you buy it, or do you put songs on it after you buy it? How come it can play on it’s own?” – A barrage.


What kinda questions? Mama, the songs are playing from my phone.. – I didn’t say that aloud. What I said aloud was “you put the songs there yourself.” She looked puzzled. “How?” to which I replied, “you just call the song name and ask it to jump into the headset. That’s all.” I observed her facial expression. She looked like she believed it. Only my chuckle gave me away. She laughed and said it’s a lie. A lie? OK.I took it up and decided to make her believe. I was going to erase every iota of doubt left in her mind.

“That thing listens to me” I continued. “When I talk to it, it hears.” She kept looking unsure. “When I tell it to sing it does, like this..” I pushed Play on my phone as I said aloud “SING!” Of course the headset started “singing”. She was surprised. Then I said “STOP SINGING!” as I pressed stop on the phone. Of course she couldn’t see that I was manipulating stuff. My hand and the phone were both secured under the shelter of a pillow. “See?” I asked. I saw she was sinking it. So, I cemented the brainwash, “I can also tell it to sing the next song if I want.” I ordered, “SING!” then “I’m tired of this track jor, Oya.. NEXT TRAAAACK!” My headset obeyed dutifully. She was spellbound. Then, “Headset, now you’re disturbing me, I need to sleep. STOP!” Headset hushed up. She sank it raw.

She then went on to ask more funny questions about computers – a completely unfamiliar terrain to her. How I put all the songs and movies on it there? etc.. Of course, I loaded her with more crap.

As far as technology goes, she’s a blank sheet. It availed me the raw fun of toying with her mind.

That’s what you get when you’re ignorant. YOU WILL BELIEVE ALL THE STUFF YOU SHOULDN’T BELIEVE – in a different sense from Believing the Unbelievable – Faith.

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