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Back in the studio – altered game plan

It was nice being back in a pro studio after a long time. This was yesterday. Hidden somewhere in Govan is this cool multimedia facility. No signboards, nothing. The building’s facade was just regular – like just another block of flats. Getting within those walls presented another world entirely.

Environments inspire you. My friends and I checked in. It was going to be a session worth a whole day. After a tour of the facility, we got into one of the studios and laid out the plan. Work began.


But like I hinted, inspiration flows from quarters that you don’t expect sometimes. I got on the synthesizer to lay a bass sequence. The notes caused sparks in my friend’s creativity center. Straightaway, the plans turned around.

After several hours of hard work, we had come up with music that wasn’t anything close to what the initial plan was. And were we satisfied? Sure.

I got back home tired, but fulfilled. Plans do not necessarily have to be rigid. Good things happen when ideas from great minds are mixed with yours. Collaboration – with the right people.


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Waiting for perfect conditions


When you’re mixing in the studio, there never comes a time when you feel the mix is perfect. You slide the faders up, down, turn knobs right and left, for forever. You feel satisfied after hours of work. You return the next day, hear what you mixed yesterday and it sounds like pure rubbish.

Many mixing engineers believe there is no such thing as a perfect mix. Just try make things sound as OK as possible and don’t worry yourself too much.. “Why give yourself needless hypertension?” If you wait till your mix sounds perfect to your very self, that time will never come and you will keep going round in circles.

This is not to celebrate mediocrity or anything related to it. The idea is this:

Do not wait for perfect conditions to get things done. Perfect conditions may never come, or they may come too late.

Do the best you can, that is the way to go. But be very sure you do the very best possible.

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