“Selfie arrrt ze parrrtay” – the new cool

13 Dec

Selfie at the party.

It’s interesting how trends spread and establish quickly. Sometimes it’s a dance step. At other times it’s a pop song.. or a phrase. The fact that you keep up with trends could fool you into defining yourself as cool – simply because you’re part of the trend. There was a time when it was trendy to reply just about any Facebook post with I know right or IKR for short. Yea yea, you know that sounds funny. I think a conversation in a movie birthed that IKR trend. Once if you didn’t have a blackberry, you were considered to be from pre-history. Trends are usually restricted to particular geographic areas. But every once in a while a trend comes up that is truly global. One such is the selfie trend.

Now dust your brains for some Maths.
My advanced mathematical theory of trends: If we plotted a graph for trend advancement against time, it would have the shape of the first half of a single cycle of a sinusoidal wave. ie, the trend rises from 0 to a peak, then drops down back to 0. That’s just the nature of trends.

I think it takes just a confident person and publicity to get a trend going. If these two factors are balanced right, a trend MAY form.
As earlier mentioned, one trend that has caught up with most youngsters in recent times (no references here) is the selfie trend. It is the social photo-taking standard today. I think it is a cool thing [yaaaaaawwn]..

All I have been trying to say in the above paragraphs is this: I took a number of selfies at yesterday’s party.


See? I can get away with not citing references. This is not exactly an academic write-up. There are subtle exaggerations in this post.

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