Control of cake expression

03 Dec

This happened Tuesday last week..

I’ve found that afternoon classes usually are not the best in terms of brain alertness. But I had an afternoon class and there was no option of it being missed. So, we were here at M230 waiting to start the class. Then May (not her real name) walks in carrying a cake. She sets it on the table and Prof B jovially asks “what’s the occasion?” If I could guess I would have said it was the national day of May’s country. But it turned out there was nothing being celebrated. I mean nothing out of the ordinary. Just Happy Tuesday.

The cake was sliced up already. One brave person set the pace. Next, everyone else (except just a few people) went forward to grab a piece. Needless to say, that class started on a good note. I feel strongly think the authorities should make this cake-lecture thing standard practice.


The effects of eating that cake did not wear off quickly. Mid-class break came one hour after the class began and you could safely assume guys were high on serotonin. A photo shoot session began. It started with two people. As normal, it takes only one confident person to start a trend. Here we had two – more primers than was needed to set off the reaction.


Amplification. In no time, there were more people in the mix.


I remained calm by not joining the frenzy that was fast forming. You know, cool guys don’t scramble to be in photos. I tried resisting for a while till I couldn’t help but take the plunge plunge in.


Then prof B returned to continue from where he left off. Guys were so chill and calm, like nothing just happened.

What I learnt from the events of that day is this: We often think celebrations are for special days. But what are special days anyways? Were such days in the calendar not defined by us. We think most days to be ordinary and our actions then align to make the day just that – ordinary. We define our day, the day doesn’t define us. By bringing in that cake and sharing with everyone, May had determined what the day was going to be, and it turned out just as such – Special.



Some descriptive aspects of this write-up were exaggerated. ie., Frenzy: Truth be told, a frenzy didn’t happen.


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2 responses to “Control of cake expression

  1. amahmo204

    December 4, 2014 at 12:39 am

    Ayoo 😂😂😂😂 hhhhhhh , nice description 😄 but do not forget that you are the insert ,, when you joined us we feel more excited as usually 😎😄😄👍
    the funniest post ever , i liked you photos man 🙂

    • Eit Neves

      December 4, 2014 at 2:31 pm

      Ahahah Abdul. You’ve studied too much genetic engineering. 😃 You and Sha were the primers.


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