Foxes in the city..

28 Nov


There are foxes in this city. These creatures come out at night. I perceive them as between domesticated and outright wild. The first time I saw one, it felt so strange. Since then, I have seen more and more.

If Glasgow locals talk lightly of the matter (and they do), then it shouldn’t be much of a big deal. But are they tame? Are these foxes not meant to cause concern? Where in the city do they hide during the day? The only time I’ve seen them is at night at which time they roam free and relaxed.

Weird case scenario: A ground floor window is open. A roaming fox spots it and gets a brainwave. He suddenly feels like he is an athlete in the Olympics – athletic enough to try a high jump. He sprints towards the open window and takes a dive through it all to land in a living room – or a bedroom. Imagine what scare he would cause.

OK, that was some wild imagination. I did see a fox tonight though.

Sweet dreams friends.

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