The delights of Buchanan street.

20 Nov

There is always something to cheer you up on Buchanan street. It could be a Jazz band, a kid performer, the levitating man, an artist.. Anything.

It’s been a while since I walked that street. Back many months ago, I walked Buchanan street almost everyday. I would stop to watch a performer, or go get a free coffee, or stare at the goodies behind the glass in the shops as I walk by.


Walking on Buchanan today brought back those memories. Then the really absolutely amazingly wonderful thing happened. I ran into my British Red Cross colleagues (I am a Red Cross volunteer). I’ve been off volunteering for a few months because of other commitments so it’s been a while since I saw them last. I met them on the job. I remembered how I used to do just what they were doing. I imagined how I would soon be back with them doing just what they are doing now. It is a worthy cause and I’m glad I’m involved with the Red Cross.


Other delights abound of Buchanan street. Only thing is, to avail yourself of them, you would need to drain (i.e., put a hole in, empty) your pockets.


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2 responses to “The delights of Buchanan street.

  1. amahmo204

    November 21, 2014 at 12:20 am

    Nice ayoo 🙂


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