Power outage at GCU..

18 Nov

The news went round a few hours ago that there was a major power outage at GCU.


There is heavy reconstruction work going on all around campus and this might not be unrelated to it – I’m just thinking. GCU makes it’s own electricity like many other higher institutions of learning (so I heard). How major is this outage? Is it a dangerous kind of major? How long will the outage last? What will classes be like in the morning – if power has not been restored?

I imagine that there will be all those auxiliary power sources in place which would have mitigated the situation in some way. If this is the first time in a long time that an outage has happened, did the school anticipate that this could happen, and is she ready for it? Or maybe the situation was not an accident. It may be totally under control which I pray.

Modern life depends almost completely on electricity. Our society will slow rapidly to a halt without power. Whatever it is, I hope the situation is soon restored back to normal. I can’t begin to imagine how far-reaching the effects of an outage could be in a system whose very lifeblood is electricity.

..and oh, the servers that house the school website and related resources have powered down. See what I’m saying? I believe everything will soon be normal again though.

Therefore, smile. Smile

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