It may get ugly before it gets beautiful

14 Nov

Such is what is going on around GCU right now. The frontage of the Saltire centre is a bad mess.


It used to be one nice fountain with lights that sat there. Now, it is a heap of earth – not exactly nice to behold. If the problem were just about the messy sights, that would be a better take. But no. Grinding noises, tractors moving around, cranes groaning, all add to the situation. For several weeks, reconstruction has been taking place all over campus and whether or not we know it, staff and students have all paid and are still paying for it.

If it were not necessary, then it would be pointless altogether. Is it not not necessary? I think it is. We all know what the picture will be when this whole reconstruction saga ends. It will be a more beautiful campus. For that reason, I choose to not be bothered with the current not-so-nice picture on ground.

To make things more beautiful, you may have to first make them ugly. This fact holds true for many aspects of life.

The pain of childbirth,
The stress of staying up late, studying hard, all for a good degree,
And more..

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