10 Nov

The kind of news I got this morning is the kind that pushes you to evaluate, then re-evaluate your life. It’s the kind of news that takes me back to the question “What is life? What should life be about?” It makes me wonder what is worth spending time on in these few days we have under the sun.

While news like that can push you to the extreme.. make you overly sober and morose, make you feel like nothing is worth it, it still is important to balance things up. Mourn, yea but keep your aspirations going. Keep climbing for the heights you want to reach. Keep your goals in view, but put things in the right perspective, for just like the next man, we’re all gonna die one day and nothing can be done about that.

Dr. Munroe and his wife died in a plane crash this morning. News of it is all over social media. Rude shock – it’s nothing short of that. When I first saw it, I went.. “nooooo. no way. This has to be a joke.” I kept saying how this couldn’t have happened. I was in denial mode. Then Richard said something about Munroe being human like everybody else – human beings die.

Richard: “It means if I die now, you will think that can’t happen?”
Me: “Stop talking like that, how would you even say that about yourself?”

But of course, people die.. and Myles Munroe and his wife just did. Something happens to make your body incompetent to hold the life force within, you die. It’s that simple. Kings die. Paupers die. As far as death is concerned, there’s nothing called a caste system for humans.

Again, I remember how Solomon pondered on this matter. He wondered what the meaning of human existence is. He tried to find meaning to life by trying out all kinds of pleasure. He found it was all vanity. He wondered if executing huge projects would bring his life any meaning. Instead, it frustrated him.

3 Driven on by my desire for wisdom, I decided to cheer myself up with wine and have a good time. I thought that this might be the best way people can spend their short lives on earth.

4 I accomplished great things. I built myself houses and planted vineyards. 5 I planted gardens and orchards, with all kinds of fruit trees in them; 6 I dug ponds to irrigate them. 7 I bought many slaves, and there were slaves born in my household. I owned more livestock than anyone else who had ever lived in Jerusalem. 8 I also piled up silver and gold from the royal treasuries of the lands I ruled. Men and women sang to entertain me, and I had all the women a man could want.

9 Yes, I was great, greater than anyone else who had ever lived in Jerusalem, and my wisdom never failed me. 10 Anything I wanted, I got. I did not deny myself any pleasure. I was proud of everything I had worked for, and all this was my reward.11Then I thought about all that I had done and how hard I had worked doing it, and I realized that it didn’t mean a thing. It was like chasing the wind — of no use at all.

Engineered deep into the fabric of who we humans are, is a quest for REAL satisfaction, far beyond anything material. We find satisfaction in the so-called little things of life. Spending time with friends, reveling in a state of health, being with family, being able to enjoy your food, making wise decisions and seeing the good outcomes of those decisions, making the earth a better place, giving to the needy, feeding the hungry, being there when friends need you. etcetera. Such things as this are what gives us satisfaction.

All that apart, only God gives true satisfaction. Only He can fill that void deep within us.

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