Asking for help never hurt anyone

07 Nov

All of us were in a fix. We all didn’t know what we were doing
Yet many managed to keep a cool composed face, like they were on top of the matter.
Sometimes it’s just cool to act like you know, even when what you know is next-to-nothing

Biomolecular labs this morning. Confidence levels were pretty high when things started. RNA isolation, agarose gel prep, yea.. electrophoresis, yea yea. Those were the no-brainer aspects of the work.


We got past the easy aspects. We were at that point where we were to do some simple calculation to determine how much DNA would be needed to set up transformations. And minds stopped working.

I literally forgot what was meant to be done or why it was meant to be done. I sat for a while trying to make sense of everything. As I sat, I saw people “solving” away in their books. A number of people had expressed their confusion and asked questions. Perhaps the answers they got helped them put the situation under them. Maybe not. I don’t know.

Quickly I got up, walked up to Dr G,

“Yes” she said, “how can I help you?”

I replied, “I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know what it is to be done or why it should be done. I don’t understand any of these.” That sounds to funny to me right now. I mean, who says that?

I love Dr G so much. She left what she was doing and came with me to my space on the bench. She gave all of her attention to me.. It felt so good as she got a piece of paper and broke the mystery down to pieces. No sooner had she started explaining to me than one, two, three other students came over. Soon, there was a mini crowd around us.

It turned out that WE were ALL confused. OK maybe not everyone was confused, but a lot of us were. Perhaps they were more confused than I was. Good thing: at the end of the day we all got help and nicely continued with our work.


Asking for help has not been proven by science to to be a bad thing.

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