Hands on: EDA finally making some sense

04 Nov

First off, it made no sense that I had to learn statistical analysis for a research project I had done and was over with months ago. Secondly, I’ve never had any love for stats. Beyond the basics, I have not unraveled the mysteries locked in Excel and now, you’re talking about Minitab?!

Compulsorily (for the fact that it would be assessed), I had to learn semi-hardcore statistics. I had to learn Minitab and it wasn’t making much sense. I probably did not dedicate enough time for it though. It requires a lot of ATP to dedicate time for something you do not like.

Each time I headed in, my mind was flat switched off. I tried and tried, it wouldn’t boot.. for weeks..

Till today.


See what I found. Very simple principle: Hands-on does it.

Minitab labs started two weeks ago. All I used to do was mechanically follow the instructions outlined in the manual. Then today, I got to that part in the handbook where the instructions were not complete. I had to generate my own inputs and put in my own data in the fields. That is where my brain HAD TO boot. There was no other option. And guess what, it wasn’t so much of a mystery anymore. It just made sense. Other elements from the module became clear.



Moral: face your mountains. Speak to your challenges. Engage them. Only that way will you surmount. Only that way can victory be achieved.

EDA = Experimental Design and Analysis.

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