Halloween diary.

02 Nov

Never once has anyone come knocking on my door saying “trick or treat!”

Yesterday, I got a knock on my door – at the oddest of hours. Hardly do I get knocks when I am not expecting anyone, so, naturally hesitated about opening that door.

When I did open, there were two kids and two adults at the door. Initial thoughts: “who are these? what do they want?” I smiled. Before I could process what was going on, “Trick or treat!” The kids said it so fast I almost didn’t comprehend.

Though the kids were dressed in not-so-scary costumes, I quickly saw what the central aim was – Halloween.

So I laughed. I’m not used to Halloween or any of the customs associated with it. I asked one of the adults to explain what the “trick or treat” game was about. She explained I was meant to get some sweets or biscuits and give to the kids. I dashed back in-doors and came back with packs of potato chips and a canned drink. We laughed, then they went to the next door. They had been going from door to door.

After I got back indoors, I got on google. “Trick or treat.” I LEARNT.

I don’t celebrate Halloween but I had this experience because of it and I am glad I learnt something from it.

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