Bad clash: cycle tour vs biomolecular labs

31 Oct

Today was the unhappiest day I’ve had in a while.

In retrospect, I have not doubts it was caused by bad planning. For many weeks before today, I was scheduled to co-lead a cycle tour today, 1pm to 4pm. As this week is the 6th week in the semester, biomolecular labs was also meant to begin today. I just did not think about it well enough. I assumed the labs session would be something from like 10am till about 1pm. I looked at the time-table, I saw just what I wanted to see – morning labs. Fact, what my eyes mind saw was that the labs was meant to last 2 hours.

So, this morning as I got ready for the day, I felt the day was quite well planned.
But somewhere in the backside of my head, I had that premonition. I did not feel too so even as I left home for school.

I arrived the laboratory on time and settled down. Dr. P started his introduction and soon I saw that apart from the morning session which we were having already, there would be an afternoon component starting about 1:30pm. I quickly saw I had planned using wrong data. I started thinking furiously. How was I going to go about this? By 1:30, I would be out on the streets leading cycle tourists around Glasgow city.

Why had I not properly though about this before today? I could simply have arranged in advance for a cycle tour leader colleague to take my place. But now, just 30 minutes before the tour would begin.. not knowing what to do, I prayed quickly about it as I left the lab. The morning lab session had ended.

Then I thought, “what if the weather turns out to be not so good for cycling – just for the next few hours?” I certainly wouldn’t mind that. Or, “what if no one shows up for the ride?” Again, that would be fine by me. But, I had taken the responsibility weeks in advance, and I couldn’t let everyone down at this time. I desperately tried reaching a fellow cycle tour leader to take my place to no avail. I made my way to the gym, where the tour was meant to kick off hoping no one would turn up. Approaching the gym, there where two happy fellas waiting.

“You’re here for the cycle tour?” I asked, smiling.
“Yea, sure.”

Soon, two ladies arrived. “Wow” I thought. I managed to keep smiling as I kept hoping to find a replacement for me. No way I was going to be doing a bicycle tour when I was meant to be in the labs. But again, if I couldn’t find a reliable replacement, I was tied down to the task already. I just hoped for a miracle. It did not come. Last resort. I went back to the labs and reported the situation to my class rep..



then went on the tour.

..missing my labs in the process.

The tour was meant to be fun, and it was. Only the frame of mind I was in did not allow me the full benefit. By about 3:30pm, the tour was over and I was back in the labs. Needless to say, I had missed. Dr. P helped me partly salvage the situation, but obviously, “it would have been better if you were here from the start.”

Afterwards, I got wondering if I should have stayed off from the cycle tour and embraced the labs. Perhaps that would have been the better idea. If I did that though, it still would have been immoral to at the last minute turn down people who have signed up for a cycle tour I was meant to co-lead. Summary was that by not planning adequately, I had set myself up for a bad day. That is the moral of the long story.

A few things on my part could have prevented what happened today: Understanding schedules and planning them out well in advance would have made the difference.

And yea, I feel a lot better just sharing how my day went.

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