The kind of forums I love

29 Oct

I love to listen to people. I also love to talk. I love forums where I can share my opinions and where I learn from the opinions of other participants. That is just what happened this morning.


My classmates and I were divided into groups where we cross-exchanged our personal views about the same topics. My group was probably the smallest – just 4 people. We got talking freely. The more fun part of it was that, the discussions were being assessed.

I love being assessed on how well I do things I do without effort. I see it this way – assessing me in a free discussion session is akin to grading how well I can eat a Big Mac from McDonald’s. You know, that’s just stressless. I wish more of my assessments were of this kind.

Notwithstanding, I realise that some of the things I do without effort are a total truckload of work for somebody else and vice versa. The aforementioned fact is why I didn’t take the assessment exercise lightly. IT WAS IMPORTANT. Perhaps I was just lucky that today’s was my comfort zone. The Experimental Data Analysis assessment will be around soon and I hope before it comes, I would have made it more of a comfort zone than it is to me currently.

Another light in which the discussion forum was very important was how it helped me see matters through the eyes of my group peers. We had similar yet different views and it broadened the scope.

Part of what we discussed was what attributes a twenty-first century graduate should possess. One of the attributes was Discipline Knowledge.
For some reason, I had taken the phrase “discipline knowledge” to mean “being disciplined.” It took a single contribution to help me see the phrase was more about how much knowledge you possess about your field. Be calm, I’m not dumb in real life.

Two [good] heads are better than one.

Having fun while learning and simultaneously being assessed is something I hope I will experience more here at GCU.


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2 responses to “The kind of forums I love

  1. ihamza200

    November 1, 2014 at 9:56 pm

    U’re killing this blog thing Ayotunde…leave marks for the rest of us o!

  2. Eit Neves

    November 1, 2014 at 10:17 pm

    🙂 thanks Ike. But I’ve been on your blog and.. You’re just being humble.


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