I gained one free hour..

26 Oct

It’s 1:53am right now. 24 hours ago, it was 2:53am.

I had a lot of tasks to complete on my PC. I started working hours before midnight.
Because I have to be in church early in the morning, I knew I had to sleep as early as I could.
Getting to church early can not be sacrificed.. What I would have to sacrifice is the length of my sleep time.

I was already getting uneasy. I didn’t want to l stop working yet I knew I had to go to sleep soon.
I kept looking at the time. Soon it was 2am. 30 minutes after 2am, I glanced again. It was 1:30.

Then I remembered. The clock goes back one hour today. I felt glad I had gained one hour. Means I can add one more hour to my sleep time. It felt so good you know.. like you’d gotten an early Christmas present.

I know a lot of my friends are asleep right now and they will wake up one hour before they usually wake, because just like me,many of them would have forgotten that the clock goes back one hour today. So much for daylight savings.

Some months from now, you will wake one hour later than you should, is that? No, I remember when that happened months ago – when the clock fast-forwarded by one hour, it happened that I STILL woke earlier than I should, not later – yea. That was just my circadian rhythm playing tricks on my body’s perception of time. I woke too early because dawn came too early, and even though I my eyes were shut in sleep, my body found a way to sense that it was already light outside. I remember I was so glad I still had some more time to sleep. I love sleep.

All of this setting and resetting of clocks.. It’s just us humans and how we try to keep track of that phenomenon called TIME. Time itself is a concept that we will never understand fully. Watch out for a post soon about that.

Sweet dreams friends. If you’ve not, turn your analog clocks back one hour. and never forget. Time is precious, use every second wisely.

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