One more reason to love GCU

24 Oct

I logged in to my Linkedin account. Scrolling down, I saw a notification to review Glasgow Caledonian as a student. I didn’t have to think far to put down a lot of reasons why I would recommend GCU to anyone. In a short time, I had a sizeable composition. I posted it and forgot about it.

Days after that, I was in a morning class. It was so cold that morning and I had to sit next to a radiator. For some reason, the radiator stopped working after a while. I moved to sit close to another radiator. The professor noticed. That was when I learnt one more reason to love GCU.

The professor digressed from the lecture for a bit and explained that all the heating came from GCU’s gas power plant. GCU makes it’s own electricity. It uses a gas-powered plant to generate all this electricity. The heat generated as lost energy is piped through all the buildings and fed through the radiators. That way, energy is not wasted. I loved GCU a little more for this snippet.

I think a university should be a community that runs itself. It should be self-sufficient in all things. Why? Intellectuals. Learners. Researchers. Geeks. Academics. Discoverers. Those are the sort of people that make up the university community. It shouldn’t be so difficult to see why such a community should easily run itself.

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