Yes, interesting.. go on.

21 Oct


It’s interesting that sometimes people think they are funny when they are not.
Some churn out one ‘joke’ after another, thinking their lines are engaging and funny. They just can’t read the body language of the audience.

I keep shifting weight from one foot to the other, and he can’t even see that I’ve had enough of the talk. I just want to leave, but he won’t stop.

Interacting with people, I’ve seen that some people just lack the ability to perceive other people’s body language. I would think there is some statistics out there that says that the non-verbal part of communication accounts for more of it than words exchanged.

But again, there is the flip-side to this, which is that some people are overly sensitive to the body language of their audience. They feel every muscle twitch of the audience must mean something.. I have been here a few times. I misjudged my audience’s facial expression, and it turned out I was wrong.

Neither of the above is a nice thing. Indeed, being able to accurately [of course I said accurately for lack of a better word] sense your audience’s mood, so that you’re neither not sensitive nor overly sensitive, is a skill that not many people possess. For the people that possess it, is it innate? Is it acquired? Perhaps, it’s a mixture of both.

Human communication is a complex thing and we will never be able to be 100% sure what is on the mind of even our best friends – if they don’t tell us.

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