“I may never see you again..”

19 Oct

I’ve always loved meeting people, new random people from everywhere.

I took an afternoon stroll to Tesco to do some shopping. At checkout, my tissue paper read 5 pounds on the self checkout machine.
No way a tissue paper pack would sell for 5 pounds. Something was obviously wrong so I told a staff.
She went to sort the issue, and I took a seat – with a grandpa. Quickly, a warm conversation began.

I was glad I met David. He told me of his trip to Africa, how he loved to take walks, how he many more things.. and then.. he might never see me again.

It touched my emotions that I might never see this old man who had quickly become my friend, again. Soon, The Tesco staff had sorted my tissue paper price error. I prayed with David and I was ready to leave. David then said some things I considered very profound.

“Who knows I said, uhh.. I’l maybe not see you again, uhhh.. I hope I do see you.. I hope we’re both going to the same place”

“That’s heaven right?”

“It is indeed. It is indeed. Do you have the assurance of that?”




“That’s brilliant”

“Can I take a photo with you?”

“Aye, sure.. sure. Sure.”

Then I took a selfie with David.


That conversation was very important. It reminded me that I’ll not live on earth forever. I’ll die one day. David reminded me that I needed to be sure where I would spend my eternity.

I reckon that one thing everyone should be sure about is where they will live forever.

I believe I will see David one day. If not on this earth, then certainly in heaven – and that is because I have accepted the free offer of salvation from God through Jesus Christ.

Accept God’s free offer of salvation. It’s free

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One response to ““I may never see you again..”

  1. akinwale akinniranye

    October 20, 2014 at 5:00 am

    Nice one bro


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