Friday morning rambling 2 (a sequel)

18 Oct

Continuing from yesterday’s post..


Everyone tried to log on to the computers and only one person successfully did.
The IT department suggested we did cold reboots. We did. NOTHING.

SInce we really needed to use the computers, and the computers refused to be useful, we had to move to the adjoing lab. As we walked into the lab, it felt so cold and so not homely. You know, it felt like some industrial setting. I didn’t like that space much. Anyways the computers in that particular lab were compliant, so we stayed.

I promised I was going to write this post yesterday evening. Sorry I did not keep that promise. The evening didn’t turn out as planned. While this does happen (plans changing) I still aplogise.

Today is a Saturday. I’m looking forward to a bright and cool day.

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