Friday morning rambling..

17 Oct

I woke a bit late this morning, about 8 o clock.
Winter is starting and your bed feels cosier.. cosier and cosier as the morning breaks.
I opened my eyes and worried I might not make the 9 o clock skills class in time.

Yea I knew it was 8. To be in class for 9, I would have to

walk downstairs..
unlock my bike..

and cycle to school..
and secure my bike…


be at the class door. ALL IN 30 SHORT MINUTES!

By the time I was all freshened up and ready to leave home, it was 8:35.

And guess what! I arrived class about 8 minutes before time. How did that happen?

These past few weeks I observed I took less and less time to cycle to school. I could leave home 8:30 and be calmy seated in class 5 minutes before the lecturer arrives. I think it took me some 10 minutes to get to school, and another 5 minutes to be at the door of the lab. I was a cool 8 minutes earlier! To think that I was just getting out of bed less than 1 hour ago and I could be earlier than time made me feel like I deserved a medal in erm.. //give me a good title//

We got in the lab and got on the computers. Everyone tried and tried, no one could log on.

See you in my evening post. I’m going to tell you how we got around the computer login issue.

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