Cool morning prank

13 Oct

She sat on the sofa calmly having breakfast while I cleaned up in the kitchen area.
My phone was on a table in front of her. Then my phone alarm went off. It was for 8:30am.
’Nike would not know if it was an alarm tone or a call ringtone. Only I would know that because it was my phone.

As I walked to pick the phone and turn the alarm off, a bright idea hit my head.

(prank) ((prank)) (((prank))) (((PRANK))) ((((PRANK ‘NIKE!!))))

Within the 5 or so seconds that it took me to get to that table and pick up the phone, I had known just what to do. The kind of prank I was going to do would be one that would scare her, and I would have a good time erm.. laughing.

I knew the phone alarm was what was sounding. Nike did not know. She could think I had an incoming phone call. I picked up the phone, turned off the alarm, held the phone to my ear..

“Hello Purple..” (Purple is Nike’s best friend and classmate)
I looked in ‘Nike’s direction to be sure she was convinced I was having a phone conversation. She kept eating. What’s her bother with me receiving a call, except of course she “knew” I was talking to her friend.
While I was talking basically to the wind, I continued..

“Yea, I’m fine.. how are you too?
..Oh, ‘Nike? She’s here..
You’ve been trying to reach her?”

I sensed Nike’s ears tuned in fast. She stopped eating, looked in my direction as I continued on the phone.

“You’re submitting what?! Which coursework is that?
..12pm today? Does she know there is any coursework you guys are submitting today?”

Nike was plain alarmed. At this point she was springing out of the sofa.. as I kept having fun on the phone. I didn’t smile. My face remained stern. She swallowed the deception hook line and sinker.

I continued, “Oh wow, well.. She’s here, talk to her.” Before I finished saying my last statement, Nike was reaching for the phone. I handed her the phone. I could see she was uneasy as she put the phone to her ear.

“Hello, hello Purple..”

I burst out laughing. The prank was clinical.
I deserve a medal for executing that without prior planning, do you not think so?


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2 responses to “Cool morning prank

  1. vomoka200

    October 16, 2014 at 8:56 am

    Ayotunde you are so silly! Gosh what am I supposed to do with you?


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