Lazy weekend

12 Oct

That’s exactly what my weekend was not.

Saturdays are meant to be that day when you take your mind off all the stress of the week.
If the preceding days of the week were packed with work, why should Saturdays be like that?

I reckon that on a Saturday, you should wake up 8am, stay in bed till 8:30, saunter to the bathroom,
brush your teeth.. then go rummage in your fridge for something to chew. Crash in the sofa and turn on the TV. You get my drift? I mean, just get lazy.. plain LAYZAY. After you’re done lazing around and lounging to your heart’s content, think about any meaningful thing you might want to do.

These days, I almost constantly keep having this feeling that I’m meant to be doing something I’m not doing.
It feels like time is running too fast and I’m not keeping up as I should. Apart from school stuff, there are responsibilities and commitments to meet here and there.. everywhere.

One remarkable part of yesterday was that I had to be at three different events almost at the same time:
An academic seminar for 4pm, a choir rehearsal for 4pm and a birthday party for 5pm. Don’t ask how it happened, but somehow I found a way to function, and well, in all three events. The day ended late. I got back home something like 12am.

And there’s a pic from the birthday party..


Another long week starts tomorrow..
My plan: as much as possible, I will make every minute of this week count.

See you in the next post.

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