The weather with it’s own mind

09 Oct

Two mornings ago, I got out of my house, the fog was palpable.
The day after, the morning was clear..
This morning was also clear.. only it was wet.

The weather pattern in this city – Glasgow, is crazy to say the least.
Recent weather trends show that things are getting even less predictable.
And when I say unpredictable, I do not mean the meteorological agencies have lost the ability to predict tomorrows weather. I mean that the overall weather pattern is getting turned upside down, worse and worse as the years go by.

The summer ended rather too early this year. I remember standing at the bus stop with a friend when she said a lecturer in her school announced summer was ending. I wondered aloud, “wow, the summer is over.. so soon.”

Glasgow locals say the weather was not always like this.. the trends are changing. I had noticed this same thing back when I was in Nigeria. From a few years back I would tell my friends “the times are changing.” It seemed the rainy season ended later than normal. The harmattan also came late.

What is responsible?

There are probable many factors responsible for this. I’m certain about this; we humans have tampered with nature. Our industries keep releasing Industrial gases and other environmental pollutants into the atmosphere. So-called green house gas levels are building up in the atmosphere and this certainly is causing a change in earth’s weather patterns. Man’s activities are affecting our earth in more ways than just the weather.

Will we someday push nature far beyond any hopes of restoration to normalcy?
There are already speculations that if industrial activities continue, earth will witness cataclysmic weather events in a matter of time. I see that nature is already giving us clues as to what might lie ahead.
We should see these recent changes in weather as a call that we must all heed and find ways to keep our earth green.

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