Glasgow’s running clock.

07 Oct

Whoever designed that artwork probably meant it to be just some masterpiece. Or, perhaps he was inspired by the fact that time is precious. I’ve walked by that running clock more times than I can count, but only today did it start to take a new meaning to me.

As far as I’m concerned, it depicts how time runs – literally.

Glasgow's running clock.

When I was writing yesterday’s post, I thought I had fully realized how precious every passing minute is. This morning, Frances started her class saying “at the end of this week, we would have gone quarter-way through the semester.” In my mind I went “Wooooow.”

After she said that, I realized I had not fully realized how much time had gone. Those words made me feel like I had been living in dreamland and I had just woken up.

Again, it’s not too late to set things right. I’m telling myself, “Just start doing your tasks one after the other. Soon, you’d be very happy with yourself.”

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