It’s kicking in.

06 Oct

The reality of the fact that a new trimester has started.
Just last week, I could still feel like I was on a break.
I’m wondering why that was. Was it because last Monday was a bank holiday? It probably was.

That Monday bank holiday meant the weekend stretched for 4 days and I just settled into that illusion that the long break was still on.
Of course I knew the break was long over. It was just easy to fantasize it was still on.

Right before this semester began, I had thought about how I would manage my time better – how I wouldn’t leave assignments and courseworks till the last minute, etc. I had set my passion ablaze just thinking about my new semester resolution. Now, the trimester is starting and I don’t feel half as passionate. Resumption date comes and I’m thinking there is a lot of time ahead to rekindle my passion.

Two minutes later, It’s the third week already. If the weeks keep speeding by at this rate, in twenty minutes, the whole trimester is over. It’s scary to think I’ve not laid my hands on much. Right now, there are assignments and courseworks already on the table. Anyways I’m happy for the fact that my passion is building back and I believe I’m getting back in the Warrior frame of mind to attack and face all the work before me.

The problem is not the lack of knowledge of how to go about things.
Knowledge is no use if it won’t be used to achieve what you want to achieve.
It is for this reason that I have chosen to stop pondering about how to make thinks better.
I have chosen to just do the things I need to do.

Cut the talk. Just do it!

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