Sam’s unplanned date..

01 Oct

It was just another regular school day. Myself, Sam, Victoria and Queenette and other classmates had just finished a quite boring class. Since Victoria and Queenette had no more lectures for the day, they got going out of school. Me? I just wanted to relax, perhaps take a stroll a little before the next class.Sam had a definite destination at the moment: McDonald’s. That’s how he was going to spend the time before the next class.

We were meant to head separate ways once we exited the school gate. Sam (and probably me) to McDonalds, Queenette to the bus station, Victoria to Poundworld. Who would have thought that all four of us would wind up at McDonald’s? Here’s How it happened:

We got chatting as we lazed along. Soon we paired up into Sam and me; Queenette and Victoria. As we approached Poundworld and Victoria prepared to leave us, I whispered to her, “Come with us to McDonald’s.. It’s on Samuel.” I might as well have screamed; Queenette got wind of the info. That’s how a date that was meant for just myself and Sam turned out to be a date for 4. And it was all on Sam. Unplanned!


Soon we were walking into a crowded McDonald’s. Soon we were asking for our munchies. Now, perhaps Victoria ordered the head of a donkey and Sam wondered how he was going to pay for it… (See photo below)



Soon we were laughing and waiting for our orders. Then finally came my favorite part.. receiving the orders.


Then we found a cool spot, sat round and munched away.


Sam and I had a class in thirty minutes, so we didn’t have the luxury of taking our time.

That date was certainly not planned that way, at least not by Sam. Nonetheless it was good fun. I look forward more of this – bills footed by Victoria.. or Queenette.

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