Either one or the other

08 Sep

Here I was trying to clean up the mess I had created.
Wait. I did not create any mess. The hot stove did.
It is one of two things. Either the hot stove created the mess or the hot stove created the mess.
Count me out of the cause.

Either the hot stove was too fast heating up the pot of red stew on it or I waited too long to take off the pot I placed on the hot stove.
The long and short of the whole sad story is that I sacrificed a whole pot of red stew. That pot meant a lot to me.


My very special friend saw my plight which was, if I had to eat any nice meal, I had to eat out. One day, our talk went that way and she decided to ease my suffering. Her response: Two nice bowls of hot red stew – just for me. It was meant to last as many days as possible.

I had gone halfway or so down the whole volume, then one day..

I put the remaining red stew in a nice small pot and on the electric stove.. then went to sleep – not literally.
I went about my business as if I had not put anything on the hot stove. If it was one hi-tech stove with a sensor to know when the soup was done, it would simply have turned off the heat as soon as my stew was ready. That did not happen. Instead, it got hotter. Hotter and hotter till my stew got destroyed – literally.

As my stew steadily got closer and closer to the point of no return, I went about about my business with a heart without worries. I got into grandma’s room to get a cover cloth and then, that funny smell.
I sniffed.

Pity.. I couldn’t scream. Real men don’t scream. Only girls do.
What I could do, I did. Raced to the kitchen at Mach 2.

Turned off the stove and lifted up the lid. There was my stew – plain ruined.

It was a bad mess – that the stove created. Not me. At that time when I was meant to be having a nice meal, I was prepping the pot to be cleaned up.
So, instead of blaming myself for leaving my pot of stew on a hot stove unattended,

for the danger my carelessness put both myself and the whole house in,
for allowing all of my friend’s benevolence go to waste,
for trusting a hot stove to monitor my stew and turn itself off at the right time, even though I did not leave it any special instructions, or program it in any way,

I blame that stove.

Yes I blame that stove though I know if I do things this exact same way in the future, I will get this exact same result.

I blame that stove.


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2 responses to “Either one or the other

  1. deewantucx

    September 8, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    Nice piece..Very interesting

  2. Adekemi

    October 8, 2013 at 8:02 pm

    hmmm good
    but you are the one to be blame ‘cos you are the one who put the pot of red stew on the stove not the stove its self


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