Why I Pretend I Don’t Like You Like That

19 Jun

But, why would girls be like that?
There’s a sense in which guys also do exactly this, but it’s more of a girlie thing if you ask me.

It should have a lot to do with the societal orientation that girls are meant to be chased after, not the ones doing the chasing..

..and a lot many other factors.
I’m lazy to organize my thoughts and start typing out all the stuff running through my mind.
But as complicated as it could be, it’s still the easiest ish ever.
Go by the Author’s guidelines.

Thought Catalog

I’m pretending that I don’t like you like that, and I bet you don’t even know. Why would you? I’ve put a lot of effort into this charade, and I’m pulling it off with such ease I’ve almost even convinced myself that I don’t like you like that. Sort of like that creepy thing people do when they’re sad and just smile anyway; eventually the smile becomes real, and the forced weirdness just fades away.

So listen, instead of telling you I like you like that, this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to tell you about some other guy I think is hot or who I’ve slept with recently. Maybe I want you to get jealous, but mostly I just want you to get the impression that I don’t like you like that. I’ll probably hit you in the arm when you say something funny, or brush…

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