Someone dropped it like it’s hot..

01 Jun

I am not totally unfamiliar with this..

It’s like urinating in the swimming pool,
or staring at someone when your eyes are shielded behind dark shades.

I waited for the train heading to Springs. 30 or so minutes later, it arrived. There were already too many passengers on board. And there were too many people waiting to get onboard. Needless to say, there was a standard-sized crowd in the car I was in by the time the train got rolling along. Then it happened.

Someone dropped it.
There were too many people standing close together and to start trying to figure out who dropped it would be to attempt a futile-from-start assignment. Soon someone started “mmhhh..” and “bla-blah” in the local language. I didn’t need to understand the words but I knew he was addressing the fart that had just been dropped.

For all I cared, the very guy who started the nose-covering and all the “mmhh..” could be the perpetrator. Maybe.maybe not. Well, it wasn’t too serious a situation. I had seen this happen a lot of times, so I just smiled. It wasn’t me who did it tho. But whoever did the thing was right there within inches of me – and he certainly knew he was the culprit. Or, who farts and doesn’t know he farted?

Could the very people who claim to be fighting terrorism in Nigeria be the people funding and financing it?
Could the same people who claim to be doing everything possible to ensures stable power be the same ones ensuring that our Power Department never works efficiently – for whatever selfish interests?

Perhaps, the big nations claiming to promote world peace are the ones actually tearing down the pillars of peace. Just maybe.

Limit the scope to our country.. we are the same people behind our woes. If there is nothing else I know, I know corruption dwells in the heart of, not just our leaders, but everyday people – at all levels. Things may not get better until we stop deceiving ourselves.

Sweet dreamZzzz..

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