Those guys your mum warned you about..

24 May

Whether or not you’re a bad person, your mum still doesn’t want you to hang out with bad guys.

It was an episode of Jim Iyke’s Unscripted reality show that set off this thought.
He narrated how he was hanging out with these guys – the kind of guys your mama said if they were coming this way, go the other way..

Summarily, these guys would corrupt your good manners and make a good guy turn bad. Despite the fact that he said this himself, he was very much at home with them. A footage came up of these his friends. True to his description, they were the people you should run far away from. They lived up to Jim’s description.

It’s not difficult to imagine a scenario where a mum is talking with her son going to resume at the uni next week. She thinks her son is a naïve young gentleman going to live in a world packed full of evil people. So, she sits him down and has a heart-to-heart. She does this partly out of the fear that the bad people on campus will corrupt her son’s good manners.
The above described scenario is a common occurrence in my part of the world. It is part of the culture. You see it in the movies much as it actually happens in real life. “ranti omo eni ti iwo ishe.. (Remember the son of whom you are.)”

It sits right if the son was a good person to start with: a good person should not let bad people corrupt him.

But what if the son was a bad person to start with? What would the mother tell him now that he is leaving home for campus? Would she tell him not to move with bad people (seeing that he is a bad person himself)? Probably. Yea, she will. “Drop your bad friends my son. They will destroy you. Your going to resume at the university marks the beginning of a new phase for you. You can open a new chapter.” She would encourage him to move with the good guys – people that can influence him positively. “Ma k’egbekegbe o omo mi. Ma join cult o.”

The way I see it, she’s just as likely to tell him to roll with good guys as much as she would tell him to stay out of the way of bad people.

Now, get this.. He is a bad person just like other bad guys on campus. He has every tendency to corrupt the manners of good people that come his way – the good people whose own parents would have warned them to stay out of the path of bad guys. [I hope that so far, the story is not too twisted].

Life is seen (and lived) from the perspective of the liver #ouch. Yea, live-er. Sorry, it’s a word I coined. ie. someone who lives is a LIVER – just for the sake of this piece.
So, this guy’s mother knows he’s a bad guy. She loves him and wants him to change. She feels moving with good guys would help influence him positively. She has given no thought to the possibility of her own son corrupting the good guys she wants him to move with. Of course, the possibility of her bad son influencing the people around him is not 0. You know, someone tried proving that it is easier for a bad person to influence a good person than it is for a good person to influence a bad person. He asked, “is it easier for someone standing on a raised platform to pull someone on the ground up to where he is than it is for someone standing on the ground to pull someone on a raised platform down to his level?”

Don’t get this twisted. I’m not saying we should dread interacting with bad people like a plague. After all, they’re people just like yourself. There are many different factors that come to play here. There are all kinds of arguments that support good people actively interacting with bad people. But there are just as many arguments that scream “DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH PEOPLE THAT CARRY A POTENTIAL TO INFLUENCE YOU NEGATIVELY.” I support both arguments for different reasons.

Jesus would rather be seen around sinners and tax-collectors. He was very involved with them. He had His reasons and needless to say, they were very good reasons.

But again, “Oh, the joys of those who do not.. stand around with sinners..” It is in your interest to stay away from the path of bad people. “I would have nothing to do with them.”

b a l a n c e i t u p

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