The Real Reason Why the Chalk Finishes Every Two Days..

19 May

The scenario is this:
She’s a primary school teacher. She teaches her pupils using a chalkboard – not a whiteboard.
All the chalk is stocked with the headmistress of the school and every teacher gets their supply of chalk from the headmistress. This quantity is meant to last the teachers a week. But this particular teacher’s supply lasts her only two days.. yea. TWO DAYS.

Why does the chalk finish? The chalk finishes because it gets used of course. As the saying goes, you can’t eat your chalk cake and have it. That answer is rational enough. It does get finished because it’s used daily. But why does it finish quick.. in just two days? That is the real question and it deserves a real answer.

Yea, there’s a lot of notes to be written on the chalk board.
That causes the chalk to finish quick.. but that’s not the real reason

Where then does all the chalk go?

When a pupil annoys Lady Teacher so much, she breaks off a little of the chalk in her hand and pelts the pupil hard in anger. This wastes chalk. But since this doesn’t happen often, it’s not sufficient to explain why the chalk finishes so quickly.

I’m going to have to refer you to the saying I quoted above:
”You can’t eat your cake and have it”
It’s not gibberish. It makes perfect sense because in this situation, CAKE = CHALK. #equationsolved




Yea, the real reason the chalk finishes every two days is that the teacher keeps drinking garri with the chalk.
That was actually a joke. Now, lemme get serious. How it happens is this:


1. When the pupils are not watching, she snacks on the chalk. She loves it better when it’s ground to powder. But it’s still OK if she has to crunch it – at least there’s something called CRUNCHY peanut butter. This happens regularly and it sure explains why the chalk finishes every two days.

2. She actually takes some of the chalk home to prepare a proper chalk meal. She says it’s really nice when eaten in the afternoon after a short nap.

To make a chalk meal, you need a lot of chalk. That explains a lot. Certainly.



That’s right. It’s a chalk meal.

Well, we’re never going to find out the real reasons why the chalk finishes in two day if Lady Teacher does not reveal how the chalk actually “goes down.” Only her – and nobody else, knows.

So, imagine the headmistress calls Lady Teacher over and tries to find out why the chalk finishes quick. Lady Teacher could be like,

“I write lots of notes on the chalkboard. I guess I kind of press the chalk too hard on the board. That’s why the chalk finishes quick. Then, I uh, I.. just kinda.. have a big hand-writing and errrmm..”

She might not necessarily be wrong saying all that. They might actually add up to make the chalk finish quick but the REAL culprit remains safely hidden.

We get nowhere when we choose not to admit the real reasons why certain issues remain unsolved.
A lot of the time, the answers are right there in our back pocket. It’s just convenient to put the readily-available answers away and “seek” answers elsewhere – answers that will never arrive – or, if they do arrive, will solve nothing.

[This story is based on an exaggerated true-life occurrence]
[And yea, people really do crave chalk and other non-nutritious stuff. Pica]

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