Sort of dead..

17 May

Who gets sort of dead?
What does it mean to be sort of dead?


Perhaps, there is a sense in which people could actually be sort of dead.
”The living dead”, “half dead” etc. are expressions people use in everyday talk.

A patient in the final stages of full-blown AIDS could well be regarded as sort of dead. Looking from this perspective, people could be dead while living.

So much for all that

It is really very ironical to say someone is dead and alive at the same time. A doctor cannot in his right mind pronounce a patient dead while the patient is still alive just because the patient is “half dead.”

There well could be different definitions of being alive according to medical science, yea. And it could be a very interesting thing when intellectuals argue about what it means to be actually really very very ultimately absolutely irreversibly irreparably irremediably dead.

You know someone was on the electric chair.
He had been shocked to death.
The executioner had done his job and had gone home (like he had not just blazed someone off).
The dead was going to be pronounced dead by a physician.
Then he started breathing. He had come back to life.

It is difficult to define that boundary which someone crosses for us to say he is dead. But for the sake of this write-up, I choose to maintain that one cannot be living and dead at the same time. YOU ARE EITHER DEAD OR ALIVE. Ain’t no such thing as being sort of dead.

I do not think God sees people as sort of dead.
Before God, you are either dead or alive.

God does not see you as hot and cold at the same time.
You’re either hot or cold.

Since there are two extremes. Two poles with no in-betweens – Life and Death, it only makes sense to choose life. That’s because you can neither be half-alive nor half-dead.

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