25 Nov

Librocubicularist: Someone who uses the atomic index of a vector-scalable mass to determine it’s maximum-obtainable strain-inducing energy balance in relation to the planar capacitance of a force capable of yielding an equal reactance in an electro-magneto-plasmar field of a field-inclination of 0 at equal dimensional amplitudes.

^^ That’s who a librocubicularist is. It’s not difficult to accept the definition. It contains enough high-sounding gibberish to match the title being described. That’s how we fool ourselves, nodding vigorously in acceptance (to something you have absolutely no clue what it means).

What if I said a librocubicularist is simply someone who reads while lying down. [The definition ends with the fullstop after “down”. Nothing more.] Well, that’s just who a librocubicuatist is. Nothing big, nothing special.

Take home: stop making a big deal out of things not meant to be a big deal. The littlest, easiest-to-do but most-neglected things in life are usually the most important things. The things we run after and place all the emphasis on are usually not as important as we portray them to be.
You’ve heard this a million times. But another dimension to it is this:
Everyone eventually gets to have a full grasp of what his life should have been like – how he should have lived. Many only “grow up” to this reality when little if anything can be done.

Of all the questions to be answered, the most important to fix is: where will I live eternally when I leave planet earth?

John 14 : 6

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